How do you follow a viral sensation such as ‘Revenge of the Mask’?

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Dylan Sides is not someone to rest on his laurels.  Questions were raised as to how he could possibly follow the fan-flick viral sensation “Rise of the Mask/Revenge of the Mask.”

“Rise of the Mask,” at the time of this writing has had a total viewer count of 10,693,661 views;  “Revenge of the Mask official trailer”  a total of  9,178,781 views; and the “Revenge of the Mask Full Movie” a total of  2,467,231 views.

How do you follow this?

Well, mmm2weekender has been given an exclusive insight as to what producer Sides Studios has been working on.  So secretive has been this production that this is the first time news has been released on it.

This morning Dylan leaked that the next production will be a horror film entitled “Fear Itself.”  While the exact release date has not be announced, this production started shooting before “Revenge,”  and has just two more days of filming before it wraps.

A full-length psychological thriller about three teens alone in Detroit, this love triangle takes a horrible turn as a prank goes very wrong.  The teens learn just how consequential their actions can be.  This frightening new tale makes you ask, “Is this real or only in my head?”

Written/directed by Ethan Kankula, “Fear Itself” has a youthful cast.  It will star Ethan Kankula, as Chris,  known as Xander from Brain Dead (2017), Charlie from Morning Routine (2017). and Alejandro from Bennett’s Song (2018);  Olivia Belfie  as Jenna, a relative newcomer, she is known for her role as Josie in the short “Bespoke“, and Connor Forrester as Evan.    Dylan Sides will be manning the camera on this production as director of photography, and Dylan Sides is producer, with Sides Studios backing it.

Says Sides, “It’s some of the best work I have ever done. I’m really proud of how this one looks and feels.”

And we have some exclusive BTS photos which we have just been sent.


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The official trailer will drop Monday, January 14, 2019.


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