“Off the Rocker” Premieres Thursday, January 17

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The uproarious laugh-fest, “Off the Rocker” will premiere Thursday, January 17, 2018,  at the Uptown Bar & Grill, Commerce Township, MI. With two big screenings scheduled, times are 8:00 PM and again at 9:30 PM.

Written by Jane Dabner,  “Off the Rocker” is the story of JJ, who is working to make a living conducting surveys on mental disorders.  See the people she encounters, and watch her trevails as she presses on.   Meet Sara, who, with a bad attitude,  tries to destroy JJ’s reputation all over social media.   And Tom who is just out to annoy her.  Does JJ find some decent people who will help her finish her surverys?

“Off the Rocker” stars Rozhin Imani, known for  Operation Suburbs (2018), Men of Mercy and The Mind Games (2018). as JJ; Trono Hudgins, known for Detroit Bad Boyz (2011)  as Tom; and Michelle Claire Hubert as Sara, and others.

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It’s a private screening only cost $12.00. Seating is very limited so reserve today, by email actorswill215@gmail.com (By reservations only)

You will want to get your tickets early online by writing

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