Jon Tomus Talent, LLC signs Hollywood legend John Savage

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John Savage is an accomplished actor.  With decades of experience on the big screen, he has appeared along side such other actors as Billy Bob Thornton, Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken,   Nastassja Kinski, Robert Mitchum, James Woods, Rachel Ward, Armanda Plummer, Burt Lancaster, Ted Danson and a host of other named talent since he apppeared in his first movie role in 1969.

Savage has acted under the direction of the world’s finest directors. John’s major screen debut came in 1978 with the Oscar-winning Best Picture film, “The Deer Hunter” (1978), which gained him international attention for his work. In 1979 he appeared in Joseph Wambaugh’s “The Onion Field”  and Milos Forman’s musical “Hair”. In 1980 he appeared in Richard Donner’s “Inside Moves.” Later films include Oliver Stone’s “Salvador” (1986) and Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather: Part III” (1990).  More recently he appeared as Mayor Alderman in Harley Wallen’s “Artificial Loyalty (Betrayed)” which is now in post-production.

During the late 80s through mid 90s, Savage worked as the assistant production manager on Spike Lee’s film “Malcolm X” (1992). Savage had previously worked with Lee as co-producer and one of the stars of “Do the Right Thing” (1989), and later showed up again in Lee’s “Summer of Sam”  (1999) as well as his Showtime TV movie “Sucker Free City”  (2004).

As a producer, John has several projects in development and is committed to working with up-and-coming writers and directors.

“Ladies and gentlemen JTT is climbing the ranks! I’m super honored to welcome Hollywood Legend John Savage to the Jon Tomus Talent family.  Wow! Pinch me because I feel like I’m in a dream.” Bennie Taylor, Jon Tomus Talent, LLC

When Bennie Taylor of Jon Tomus Talent, LLC received a phone call at his mid-west office, he was floored.  It was John Savage.  After talking for a while,  Savage and Taylor came to an agreement.

As Taylor recounts the phone call,  ” John Savage gave me a call because he had heard great things about me and also the work I put in for my clients. We talked.  He is a great guy.  We talked and now John is Team JTT. ”

As Taylor tells it,  when he started his business, he had no idea that he would one day be managing  Hollywood talent.  This story started in 2014, when he opened Jon Tomus Talent, LLC in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan.  When he first hung his shingle and opened is doors,  he was flooded with people looking for representation.  Here Taylor tells of his experience and why he decided to scale things back to where they are today.  For one,  it has enabled him to give more personal attention to each of the artists he represents.

I had a chance to meet with Ben E. Taylor and just a small room full of his almost forty clients.  After going around the room and getting glowing endorsements from each of those present, Taylor had a chance to talk (12:50).   Here he talks about how he started, what he does for his clients, his business philosophy and what sets him apart from other talent management companies.   It’s this difference that those as far away as LA have noticed,  this difference that established Hollywood stars, such as John Savage, recognize that compells them to seek out his service.

It is Taylor’s business ethics, philopsophy, and practices, it’s about this for which his clients sing his praises.  It’s this too which has enabled him to climb to the top in the short period of time in which he has been in business.

It was in August, 2017,  Taylor was named one of the top finalists in the “Best Service Business” in the Michigan Chronicles Best in Black Awards.   A community-driven award production,  it recognizes black achievement across a wide range of over 40 categories.  Finalists and winners are nominated and voted for by the community.

Here (dated November 11th) is a video of Bennie Taylor in his car arriving for this function “On my way to represent JTT at The Michigan Chronicle Best in Black awards announcement meet and greet. Only to find out that Jon Tomus Talent has made the top 3!  I can’t believe this is really happening I had so much fun We did it everyone we have arrived together.”

This new alliance between John Savage and Jon Tomus Talent, LLC will, we believe, be a good fit.







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