#MICHIGANCONNECTION: Francis Ford Coppola to host screening of movie thought to be his worst

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Francis Ford Coppola will host a screening of a movie thought to be his worst this October in Los Angeles at the Theatre at Ace Hotel.

Jack“–a dramedy starring Robin Williams–the story of a 10-year-old boy who ages at 4 times the normal rate was largely panned by critics upon its release in 1996. After being slammed by critics such as Roger Ebert,  it received a 29-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I thought it would be interesting to show what is usually considered my worst film,” Coppola said in a statement to promote the screening. He added, “As films are generally like your children, you tend to favor those that are the most disadvantaged.”


Part of the arts and culture event “”The Festival of Disruption,”  Coppola will host a Q&A afterward alongside fellow director David Lynch,  of “Twin Peaks” fame.  This event “wants to disrupt the old bad, and bring in the new good.”

RZA, Vic Mensa, Jeff Goldblum and Mike Patton and DJ QBert are among the artists that will take part in the David Lynch-curated “Festival of Disruption,”

The latest installment in the filmmaker’s annual event, sponsored by jewelry designer Alex and Ani, also boasts talks, screenings and readings with Carrie Brownstein, Grace Jones, and Amber Tamblyn.

Art exhibits dedicated to Lynch, fashion designer Christian Louboutin and David OReilly are also on had at the Festival of Disruption, which raises money for the David Lynch Foundation.


Tickets for the festival have been on sale since June 20th.


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