Production Algebra: Volume II (A Handbook for Production Assistants) by Mark Adler now available as an ebook

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a production assistant (PA) on a set?  Whether on a corporate, commercial or film set, these can be daunting places even for the most seasoned professional.

Now in the second volume of two on the subject written by award-winning media production expert and founder and director of the Michigan Production Alliance, Mark Adler, you will  learn  what will be expected of you and what you can expect when you walk onto any kind of set.

Production Algebra: A Handbook for Production Assistants Volume 2 provides detailed descriptions of the many and varied roles that a Production Assistant (PA) plays and the role you can create for yourself in the production industry.

You are part of the equation in all areas of production from the office, locations and art departments, editing, transportation, at base camp and on the set. Be prepared to take your place from the first day that you step on set. Learn typical terms and set language as well as get a look at the forms and documents a P.A. will work with and need to get paid.

This handbook at 89 pages in length, with over 24,000 thousand words requires an estimated one to two hours to read,  is an invaluable asset for any production assistant.  It is available at as an ebook at the incredible low price of $7.95 (USD).

Consider this handbook your launching pad in the production industry.

About Mark Adler
The Eclipse Award Board of Governors selected Mark Adler as the 2018 recipient of the Hyperion Award for his contributions to the Detroit production community over the last 30-plus years, running a highly respected video tech company, VAIDigital.

Since 2003, his establishment of the 501c6 trade/business organization Michigan Production Alliance has provided professional and educational resources to media producers in the state of Michigan.

The MPA website has served union, non-union and anyone interested in media production with resources such as crew and equipment contacts, as well as seminars, workshops and various other industry related support.

As the author of a text for Production Assistants, Mark has contributed to the growth and professional status of the state work force by improving performance standards as well as by providing an access path for working in the industry.

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