Attack on Show’s Rob E interviews Olivia D’Abo at the Monroe Pop Fest

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“We had an awesome time at The Monroe Pop Fest !! Got to meet some awesome people and in this segment, you can watch our interview with Olivia D’Abo! You know her from Conan the Barbarian, Law and Order, Star Trek, and the voice of Luminara from Star Wars, The Clone Wars, and more!! But of course, Rob E had to discuss a more unique film that she was a part of! ” Rob E

Watch it here.

About the Monroe Pop Fest
Formerly the Monroe Comic-Con. Michigan’s finest little convention. is now even better. 2 DAY Monroe Pop Fest!! Our 2022 event is on 09/16  and 9/17/2022!  Every year the Monroe Pop Fest offers over 150 awesome guests, artists, comics, and toy vendor booths inside and out, plus cosplay and more!

This year meet Olivia d’Abo from Conan the Destroyer and The Wonder Years, WWE Legends Al Snow and Rhyno, Detroit Redwing great Darren McCarty, Power Rangers’ Blake Foster, Tracy Lynn Cruz, Claire Blackwelder, and Christopher Khayman Lee, comic book artists/creators James O’Barr, Mark A. Nelson, Arvell Jones and many more!

Back by popular demand is our preview night on Friday, Panels, cosplay contest, artist alley, 30,000 square feet of pop culture goodness with an all-ages outside FUN ZONE featuring The Ghostbusters, movie props, food trucks, and more!

See for guest schedules and pricing!

 About Olivia D’Abo
Olivia d’Abo is an English actress and singer from London. She debuted as a teenager in 1984 and has remained active over the following decades. Her most famous role was playing the free-spirited Karen Arnold in the historical television series “The Wonder Years” (1988 -1993). The series lasted for 6 seasons and a total of 115 episodes.

In 1969, d’Abo was born in London. Her father was singer and songwriter Mike d’Abo (1944-), lead vocalist for the rock band Manfred Mann”‘s Earth Band (1962-1969). D’Abo’s mother was the model Maggie London. Through her father, d’Abo is a first cousin, once removed, of fellow actress Maryam d’Abo (1960-). Maryam is known for playing the Bond girl Kara Milovy in the spy film “The Living Daylights” (1987).

D’Abo settled in the United States in the 1980s. She attended high schools in the Los Angeles area. She made her screen debut in the sword and sorcery film “Conan the Destroyer” (1984), at the age of 14. The film was based on the “Conan the Barbarian” stories by Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936), with the main role reserved for actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-). D’Abo played Princess Jehnna of Shadizar, who Conan has to escort on a quest to retrieve the magical gemstone Heart of Ahriman and the missing Horn of Dagoth. The film earned about 31 million dollars at the domestic box office.

Months later, the romantic drama film “Bolero” (1984) was released. D’Abo had the supporting role of the Gypsy girl Catalina, who befriends the main character Ayre “Mac” MacGillvary (played by Bo Derek). The film was a box office flop and was received negatively by most critics. It was nominated for 9 Golden Raspberry Awards, winning 6. D’Abo herself won the “Golden Raspberry Award for Worst New Star”.

After a brief hiatus in her career, d’Abo had her next starring film role in the gymnastics-themed film “Flying” (1986). She played Robin Crew, an adolescent gymnast who injured her leg in a car accident. Robin tries to get back into shape and rejoin her gymnastics team throughout the film. The film received only a limited release in movie theaters but achieved some success in the home video market. The film has a minor cult following due to featuring Keanu Reeves (1964-) in one of his earliest roles.

Also, in 1986, d’Abo had the female lead role in the action film “Bullies”. She played Becky Cullen, a female member of a clan consisting of bullies and thugs. Her family objects when she falls in love with a member of an enemy family. The film was loosely inspired by the play “Romeo and Juliet”, but had a modern setting. The film earned about 2,9 million dollars at the box office.

In 1988, d’Abo joined the main cast of the historical series “The Wonder Years”, playing the main character’s older sister. The series often contrasted the conservative views of the Arnold family’s parents with the liberal views expressed by Karen Arnold (d’Abo’s character). D’Abo left the series main cast in 1991, as her character was de-emphasized. However, she remained available for guest appearances until the series finale. David Schwimmer played the role of Karen Arnold’s husband in the later seasons. This was Schwimmer’s first recurring role in a television series.

In 1990, d’Abo played the time traveler Chanel-6 in the science fiction comedy “The Spirit of ’76”. In the film, time travelers from a dystopian 22nd-century attempt to retrieve valuable documents from the year 1776. By accident, they end up in the year 1976. While acclimating themselves to this era, they embrace the era’s revolutionary spirit. The film only had a limited release in movie theaters but was noted for a soundtrack that included many of the era’s hits.

D’Abo often appeared in guest roles in television series during the early 1990s. She eventually gained a major role as a series regular in the sitcom “The Single Guy” (1995-1997). The sitcom had a similar premise to some of the era’s hit sitcoms, featuring single people who are struggling with relationships. But it failed to find an audience of its own and only lasted for two seasons.

D’Abo gained her first major voice-acting role in the short-lived animated series “Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm”. It was an adaptation of the video game series “Mortal Kombat”, featuring many of the same characters. D’Abo voiced military officer Sonya Blade, one of the protagonists of the series. The series only lasted for 13 episodes. The final episode featured a failed insurrection against the evil emperor Shao Kahn, and left the fates of several characters without resolutions.

From 1999 to 2000, d’Abo played female supervillain Ten/ Melanie Walker in the superhero series “Batman Beyond” (1999-2001). Her character was depicted as a member of the playing card-themed super-villain team Royal Flush Gang and as a love interest for Batman/ Terry McGinnis.

D’Abo played Jane Porter (Tarzan’s wife) in the animated series “The Legend of Tarzan” (2001-2003) She had the same role in the spin-off animated film “Tarzan & Jane” (2002). The series was a loose adaptation of the “Tarzan” stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950).

D’Abo had villainous roles in Justice League’s superhero series (2001-2004). She voiced both Star Sapphire/Carol Ferris and Morgaine le Fey. She had a more heroic role in the animated film “Ultimate Avengers” (2006), playing the Russian super-heroine Black Widow/Natalia Romanova. She returned to this role in the sequel, “Ultimate Avengers 2” (2006).

From 2002 to 2008, d’Abo played criminal mastermind Nicole Wallace, in the police procedural “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” (2001-2011). Her character was depicted as the archenemy of Robert Goren, though she only appeared in 5 episodes. During the series, she murders multiple people. She denies accusations that she has killed her daughter, claiming that her daughter’s death was accidental.

From 2008 to 2009, d’Abo played Jedi master Luminara Unduli in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (2008-2020). In 2009, d’Abo voiced Carol Ferris in the animated film “Green Lantern: First Flight”. In 2010, d’Abo voiced the super-heroine Elasti-Girl/Rita Farr in an episode of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” East-Girl is a founding member of the Doom Patrol and often appears in adaptations of the team’s adventures. In 2012, d’Abo voiced another version of Star Sapphire in the animated film “Justice League: Doom.” In 2014, she voiced Star Sapphire in the video game “Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham”.

In 2019, d’Abo voiced Luminara Unduli again in a cameo role in the live-action film “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. As of 2021, d’Abo is 52 years old. She has never retired and works regularly in both films and television. D’Abo has had an enduring appeal and is well-remembered for playing popular characters over the decades.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Dimos I

About Robert “Rob E” Holland
Robert Holland was born in the smallest city in Michigan, Omer.

Growing up always having a passion for film, he embraced the local film industry that is always growing in the Detroit Metro area.

Robert Holland enjoys being on both sides of the camera, acting, directing, editing, and writing screenplays. His idols in film include Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Kevin Smith.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Robert Holland


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