Plan on attending Nuri Bauswell’s “Miss Rainbow Magic-the Beginning’ Red Carpet Premiere, Thursday, August 18

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After coming to terms with her supernatural abilities, the girl, a lost soul, began seeking freedom from an international criminal escorting service. The criminals had learned of her power and were determined to hold onto their precious cargo until death did they part. This time for deadly scientific experiments.

This is the storyline of Nuri Buaswell’s Miss Rainbow Magic-the Beginning. Based on a on original graphic novel created by Nuri Bauswell, this is the first local film based on the characters representing the power the magic, and the color of the soul of a black woman.

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Written and directed by Nuri Bauswell, Miss Rainbow Magic-a Beginning stars Aghniettia Devlin, Adrienne Mosely as Mia,  John White as Twitch, Jimmy Flair as Bruce Bishop, Shyanne Queen as Francesca,  Tennille Taraszkiewicz as Madam Pricilla, Brian L Haight as Harvey Miles, Jim Kirsch as FBI Director Wayne, Troy Randall Kirkpatrick as FBI Agent Garrett, Bill K. Kenny as Thug 1, and Brad Robinson as Thug 2, among others

Miss Rainbow Magic-The Beginning was produced by Lonely Man Films/Blackholemediagroup in cooperation with TTP Tennille T. Productions.

This is the story of the magic within a black girl. After being used, exploited, and taken for granted. you will want to see how she strikes back and evens the score.

“August 18TH, Thursday night only,  come celebrate with us and enjoy our show. Then after our premiere. meet you at the After-Party.  The After-Party is Free! to enter all night.”  Nuri Bauswell

Movie Date and time

Thu, August 18, 2022

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


Celebration Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX

2121 Celebration Drive Northeast

Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Purchase tickets online at

For information regarding the After-Party

About Nuri Bauswell
Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Mr. Nuri Bauswell fell in love with films and TV shows at a very young age. Growing up to shows such as the USA up all night with Gilbert Gottfried, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many others, Nuri became curious about how these films and shows were made and broadcasted. Since then, he never gave up on learning and educating himself on the creation of film works.

At the age of 12 years old, Nuri and a friend created a comic book called ” TOOTHLESS CHARLIE” as an assignment in his junior high school creative writing class, and it was so excellent it made it to the Flint City Journal for its detailed art and storytelling. Nuri then took it upon himself to try and bring the comic book to film. This was Mr. Bauswell’s first feature he took on 8mm film, but perhaps unsurprisingly, it was never completed. Growing up, he continued making countless films in his spare time. By the time Nuri was in high school, he chose music/marching band as a major study, eager to learn more about the development of film scores and orchestrated music. By the time Nuri graduated from Flint Northern High school, he had conceived his first daughter and needed to put himself in a financial situation to provide for her. He took a trade course in CNC machining and is now making a living as a certified professional CNC Machinist for the aircraft and automotive industry.

In the year 2000, Mr. Nuri Bauswell moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, for better and more reliable opportunities. He Married, had another child, a son, and lived a normal life. Still having a passion for filmmaking and inspired by great directors and filmmakers such as John Singleton, Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Steven Spielberg, and music producer Dr. Dre, he continued to make films and record music in Grand Rapids. Mr. Bauswell, unknown to the area, surprisingly pulled together a small cast to do his first 16-minute short film called ” SUPERSTAR” for the 2012 Grand Rapids film festival. It didn’t make the screening. He then went on to meet people and create short films such as Bloodline, Runaway love, and Ultimate Trade, all written by Nuri, but unfortunately, these films were never completed.

Mr. Nuri Bauswell is still, to this day, living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a single Father of two children. He is working hard at his career job and still has a passion for writing, producing, filming, editing, directing, and creating films that come from his hurt. Nuri lives as the homeless do, not by choice but will say this:

“I make sacrifices in my life as a single independent man to do what I love to do. it may not be the best thing, but as long as I got my film Equipment and my kids are happy. I’m happy. that’s all I ever and will ever NEED in my life. Oh yeah, and maybe a wife too. “

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