‘Boyne Falls’ now available from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and ITN films

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Action movie ‘Boyne Falls,’ produced by a trio of Michigan natives, is now available nationwide from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and ITN films.

Written and directed by Steve Kopera (Ann Arbor) and starring Axel Harney (Ann Arbor) and Mike Kopera (Los Angeles), the story follows two hotshot record executives who travel to a remote wilderness for a work retreat. Hoping to revive both their careers and their friendship, they stumble upon a hidden criminal operation. While hunted, the two men must find a way to work together to survive.

With a Michigan-based crew, the filmmakers took advantage of the beautiful northern Michigan scenery, shooting in the movie’s namesake, Boyne Falls, as well as Boyne City, Traverse City, Tahquamenon Falls and Los Angeles

‘Boyne Falls’ DVDs are available at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Amazon. In the early phases of VOD release, it can already be found on Amazon Prime with many other streaming services to follow.

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