Michigan-set survivalist series Northbound, Season 3 successfully achieves Kickstarter crowdfunding goals

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Co-production companies Lullskull Ltd. and “A” Street Films, LLC. are proud to announce the successful funding of their hit Survivalist/Thriller series NORTHBOUND Season 3 through Kickstarter.  The series airs exclusively on the Minneapolis-based streaming platform Seeka TV, and is proudly presented by beverage brand Rip It Energy Fuel.  Filming is set to resume summer 2019, with the new 4-episode finale set to premiere on Seeka TV winter 2019-20.  Following the series, the producers will move into prep on the sequel feature film NORTHSTAR.

Shot entirely on-location in Michigan’s visually stunning Upper Peninsula region, in the towns of Iron Mountain, Norway, Gwinn, Sagola, with major Season 3 scenes filmed at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. Northbound follows a lone father, Alex (Nate Alwine, pictured above, center) as he fights to protect his comatose daughter, Crystal (real daughters Callie and Addie Alwine) in the wilds of a post-cataclysmic North America.


Season 1 introduced viewers to Alex, Crystal and their dangerous journey through the rugged North Woods where they encountered pockets of survivalists and a mysterious government unit known as Allied Command North America, intent on taking possession of Crystal.  Season 2 saw Alex and Crystal assimilated within The Infinity Group, led by the pacifist minister Justin Wallace.  When Alex learns that Infinity member Danny’s comatose brother is alive and held by Allied Command, Alex agrees to help with a rescue.  This act puts the Infinity Group in violation of a cease-fire with a rival group known as The Firewalkers, who are secretly trafficking comatose survivors, or sleepers, for Allied Command.  Season 3 continues following a Firewalker assassination attempt on Alex.  Alex must make the final decision to either cut his losses and run with Crystal, or take the fight right to The Firewalkers once and for all.

Season 2 was funded successfully through Kickstarter in 2016.  With Season 3 funded, the series will add actress Molly Leland (Ozark, The Player, Grey’s Anatomy) and actor Dan Klass (Love Liza, The X-Files, The Girl Next Door), and will begin production summer 2019.  Seeka TV renewed NORTHBOUND Season 3 following the strong series debut October 2017, which includes ranking in the Top 5 most-viewed series on the platform.  Seeka TV can be viewed on the web and through free apps across Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Google Play.

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