Jared Kuzich releases first teaser trailer for ‘Trials and Triumphs’

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Jared Kuzich has released the first teaser trailer from Severe Storm Studios production of “Trials and Triumphs. ”   A buddy flick about two life long best friends, Jesse and Steven, going through trials and triumphs of family, addiction, pious people, and more, they go on to carve careers for themselves in the music industry.

“Trials and Triumphs” is more than about Stephen and Jessie, but obviously they are the two main characters around which the majority of this revolves.  There are other characters who play prominently in this series.

For example, Steven’s triumphs comes with his current to ex-girlfriend Vanessa Cole, who’s a drug addict. Steven and Vanessa  have known each other since they were kids, 14 years of age.  They’ve been in an off- and-on relationship their entire life. Vanessa has used and hurt Steven more times than he can count.

Then there’s Riley who we discover is in a coffee shop.  She goes from being a young talented singer-songwriter to basically living the rock-star lifestyle. With Jesse and Steven she goes from 0 to 100 really quickly.  Many have.

Michael Jarrett, who’s played by Mike Alexander, plays Steven’s father, who because Steven’s mom passes away and holds his son to blame,  has created a rocky relationship resulting in family issues. Michael and Steven have spent years not talking and they’re now to the point where they’re trying to patch up their relationship before it’s too late.

Then there is Brittany Michelle played by Cara Cooke. Brittany is an old flame from the past that Steven always confided in.  It never blossomed into a relationship, but it was always hoped that it would. As they grow into adults, and on their own way, life brings him back together.

This is the general gist of a story which is encapsulated in a mini-series. While the images in this teaser flash by quickly,  we can derive from what we see what the story holds.

This is the Jared Kuzich/ Severe Storm Studios production, “Trial and Triumphs.”

For more on the characters and the actors who play them,  refer to this article. https://wp.me/p7Llnf-20C


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