Sandstorm FX & Productions and Blue Leaf Studio & Productions form partnership

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Sandstorm FX & Productions (Mark A. France and Tricia Morrissey) and Blue Leaf Studio & Productions (Troy Randall-Kilpatrick and Heather Fairbanks Actress) will be partnering together to collaborate on a number of upcoming film projects, as well as the completion of the much-anticipated feature film, “Descend”. Both companies have created and produced numerous film productions and dabbled in various genres, from horror to comedy.

In a recent Facebook message, Troy expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “Both Heather and I are excited about our new partnership.” “I couldn’t have asked for a better realization of talents than by teaming up with Troy and Heather of Blue Leaf,” Mark chimed in.

The first project on the roster is the completion of ADR for “Descend” (Crooked Limb Studio & Productions), which stars Heather and Troy, as well as a number of other Michigan-based talent. Plans are to finish the final edits, then ship the film overseas for scoring by Frederic Mauerhofer of Paris, France, before it is put on the film festival circuit and given its world premiere.

This will be followed up by the short film, “Apparition Waning”, which will also star Heather Fairbanks and Troy Randall-Kilpatrick and feature Tricia Morrissey in a supporting role, with Mark  directing.

“We want to do something fresh; re-grease the wheels and soup up the engine. We’ve got the talent. Now, we just need to put everything out there,” says Mark.

Both film groups were recently featured on Motown Mojo Live, hosted by Dominic Mess Bucket Riggio and Scott Zambelli. You can check out the podcasts at:

Mark of Sandstorm FX & Productions:…/motown-mojo-live-episode-156…

Troy and Heather of Blue Leaf Studio & Productions:…/motown-mojo-live-episode-161…

Also, please, feel free to check out both film companies on Facebook:

Sandstorm FX & Productions:

Blue Leaf Studio & Productions:


In case you missed it, here is a scene from the highly-anticipated feature film, “Descend”, from Crooked Limb Studio & Productions and Sandstorm FX & Productions, in partnership with Blue Leaf Studio & Productions! Starring Heather Fairbanks Actress, Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, Walker Fairbanks and a stunning cast of Michigan-based artists (coupled with an amazing behind-the-scenes crew), “Descend” follows the life of Andrea Townsend as she battles against the loss of her youngest son and postpartum psychosis.

Please, LIKE the YouTube video, as well as these following pages:

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Stay tuned for further details as this film nears completion and its World Premiere!

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