Dove award and review for ‘The Christ Slayer’

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The final story of Collective Development Inc.’s biblical series ‘The Quest Trilogy’ is arriving just in time for the Easter season.

Sound the SHOFAR! This Friday (Feb 1st) The Christ Slayer, the much-anticipated final installment of ‘The Quest Trilogy’ releases first to digital on Amazon. The DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon now and will release March 4th.

The film directed by Nathaniel Nose, contains epic camera work by award winning director of photography Jesse Aragon and a moving score by Dennis Therrian. It has been chosen by myCinema to release to the big screen in Easter events across the country. The Silver Screen Insider mentions Good Friday 4/19/19 as the theatrical date.

The film series penned by DJ Perry, who also plays Jesus in part 1 and 3 said the films can be enjoyed individually or collectively. There is a greater story within the trilogy that deals with the Devil and the Archangels.

The first two films “Forty Nights” and “Chasing the Star” (Both on Amazon) were awarded the standout ‘Most Inspirational Film’ award at the ICFF, hailed as the Christian Oscars. We will have to wait and see if part 3 follows in the same footsteps at the 2019 awards.

These films while they pull from scripture and legend are not meant to be enjoyed by only the faith market. There is a story to be enjoyed for everyone and the films have that vibe of the older Chuck Heston films combined with the hero-myth storytelling made popular by George Lucas with his original Star Wars trilogy.

The film stars Carl Weyant who made his mark starring in the Bollywood film “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation,” directed by M.R. Shahjahan. It was there in Otty, India that co-star DJ Perry met Carl Weyant who would play Longinus, the Roman soldier at the center of our story. Josh ‘Ponceman’ Perry also co-stars. Known for his work on “Shameless,” “Looper,” and “Robot Chicken” – he’s an actor with Down Syndrome. He gives an amazing performance as the friend and attendant to Carl’s Roman soldier, often stealing the scene with his natural, good-natured humor.

Here is the DOVE family film review –

This trilogy of films are powerful and unique in their storytelling. Their quality transcends the emerging faith-market resulting in attracting a growing mainstream audiences. If you have not watched these films you should give them an opportunity. You might be surprised at the experience.

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