The teaser trailer and intro-music for Dre Sanford’s “Stoners” now online

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At 12:01 a.m. Thursday, December 6, 2018,   Michigan became the 10th state in the nation to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. After decades of prohibition, it was now legal to smoke weed simply for the enjoyment of it all.

What’s more,  it was now legal to posses smaller quantities of it on your person, and to grow plants in your house.  Although there were caveats attached to this new freedom,  would this lead to the emergence of a weed culture?

What would a Michigan weed culture look like?   It was just a matter of time before Michigan filmmakers jumped on the bandwagon and started producing stoner comedies.  While the idea of stoner comedies are not new–think Cheech and Chong–are Michigan filmmakers ready to start cranking out its own brand of stoner comedies?

The first of these to come to our attention is appropriately entitled, “Stoners.”  This title leaves little to the imagination as to what this comedy is about.   Although this teaser trailer doesn’t tell us much about this storyline, and IMDB had skant info on this film , it’s safe to guess that it is about…

Tokkyo Faison, known for his role in Rec Man (2018), The Union Series: Eternal (2017), Division 19 (2017) and Game of Death (2011), tipped us to this TV series. This is a series in which he works.   He said that things were largely under wraps as the director, Dre Sanford was “still negotiating with Amazon.”

Stoners: is written/directed by Dre Sanford, produced by Sanford Film & Photo.  Dre Sanford is Detroit filmmaker.  He graduated from  Specs Howard School, Southfield where he studied Digital Media Arts  As well as producing “Stoners,”  Dre Sanford is known for “Blowing Smoke” (2017) and the “Living Room” (2018).

According to Dre Sanford, ” (Stoners) is a comedy that revolves around a group of friends and the antics they get into, revolving around weed. It also involves a group of teachers who are not like your average teachers.  ”


Stoners stars Alphonso SettlesRay Morgis,  Kira Fox, KJ Bowman, Mahfuz Rahman, Salman Ghaleb, Jeff McMahon, Lisa Stevenson, Andolini Aziz, George Gonzo Gonzalez, and Alethea Varner, and others. Created by Dre Sanford, wtih Dre Sanford/ Lucretia T. Knight, Gloria Chuney as Executive Producers,Robin Thompson,/Dre Sanford producers.

For more information follow Dre Sanford on Facebook.

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