Kayla Kelly announces auditions for TV Pilot, “Veronica Pratt, All American Awkward Mom”

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In what was her fourth attempt within one day,  actress Kayla Myers-Kelly finally succeeds with a live video casting call for the Silverwings Entertainment production of the TV pilot for, “Veronica Pratt, All American Awkward Mom. ”

Kayla Myers-Kelly,  born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, has been an entertainer all of her life.  Absent from acting for over ten years,  she returned to theater on the encouragement of a friend.  She appeared in her first film role in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Veronica Pratt: All Awkward American Mom is a situational comedy in which Kayla appears.  It is about a well-intended, klutz of a single mother raising a teenage daughter.

Here Kayla tells all.    (This is cute.  Watch her as she welcomes all her oncoming viewers.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.  This is certain to be a winner.)

Send your headshot, resume, and reel if available. Clips are fine as well. Send to either Silverwingentertainment@gmail.com or Silverwingmeg@gmail.com  They  will send you characters for which they are looking for actors and you pick what ones you would like to audition for.

They will then send sides with the addresses for either of the two locations for auditions on Jan 19th and 20th. If you cannot make it we will accept video auditions.

Any questions please message the Facebook page and someone from the team will answer your questions.

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