Zec Meirthew cast in ‘Jack London: The Son of the Wolf”

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Zec (pronounced Zeke) Meirthew has been cast for a role in Joel Reisig’s upcoming “Jack London: The Son of the Wolf.”   He will be playing the part of the Makwa “The Bear,” a first role for him.

A natural for this role, Zec is tall, with long hair, good build and Native American.  But don’t type Zec.  With his athletic prowess he can conceivably excell as an action hero, something to which he aspires.  But then given his flexibility and willingness to accept roles, regardless of how challenging, he will defy being typed.

This is our interview with Zec, but it won’t be our last. It’s certain you are going to see much more of him.

How did you come to audition for Joel Reisig’s “Jack London: The Son of the Wolf”?

Well, a friend actually tagged me on Facebook in a comment that’s said Joel was looking for actors to play in a upcoming movie named “Jack London:The Son of the Wolf.” Then I’ve seen a part for a big and strong guy! So it was a perfect match. Then a couple hours later I got a message from Joel asking for me to play the part. I was super excited!

In what ways do you feel the role for which you were cast is a good fit?   Did you get any sides with this role?

I felt that this was a great role for me.  “The Bear” was tall, long hair, good build and Indian. And the description really fits me.

In what other roles have we seen you?  In what other commercials/advertisements?  Where have you modeled?

This is my first film. I’ve modeled for WALK and Stylez Fashion Show.

When will Joel start filming your part?

Joel will officially start filming my part on June 30th.

What kind of movies do you otherwise like?

I really like all types of movies especially action movies.

Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

My favorite actors and actresses are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Jason Momoa, and Emma Watson.

Looking at your Facebook page, you are all about exercise and physical activity.  Are you also into parkour,  or any of the martial arts?

I have never done martial arts but I do a little parkour. Wouldn’t mind learning martial arts though.

If offered an action hero role would you accept it?  What kind of roles would you like to act in?  

I would absolutely love to play a action hero role. I would act in any role, I’m always up for a challenge!

If you want to follow Zek, check out his Facebook page

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