Collective Development Inc.’s (CDI) ‘The Christ Slayer’ official theatrical trailer released

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A few short years ago film actor, writer, producer DJ Perry had an opportunity to present his unique take on a few little known moments taken from biblical history and mythology. As a screenwriter he’s brought forth many wonderful character studies set in various time periods. His Michigan-based production company Collective Development Inc. has been producing content since the late 90’s.

“I was always fascinated by the unknown gaps in stories and mythology. This trilogy melds written scripture with additional historic writings in fictional ‘WHAT IF’ scenarios. What happened to Jesus during the forty nights in the wilderness? Who were and what was the full sacrifice of the magi wise men? Who were the two travelers on the road to Emmaus and why did Jesus go to them?” – DJ Perry, screenwriter

The concept was to fill in the missing gaps in the stories with plausible action. The idea was not to make authority based statements that could once again pit denominations against one another for validation but find common ground in the greater story. The parable method of storytelling of the time was a powerful teaching tool. When they say, “the devil is in the details” it often is. People will fight, debate and argue on the minor details while the greater message goes unnoticed or gets lost. Many mainstream people/audiences can be turned off, not by the teachings, but by the actions of generations of organized groups. Some of these groups acted poorly, attaching their own agenda to the teachings and therefore causing many in the mainstream to avoid the ‘religion’ of it all. A fresh, new approach that felt strangely authentic was taken with The Ques Trilogy.

The films in the trilogy are cinematically told using the STAR WARS heroic film template. Screenwriter DJ Perry was drawn into the art of filmmaking after being enthralled by Star Wars in 1977. All three of the films in this trilogy share a common visual template under director of photography Jesse Aragon and audio unity with composer Dennis Therrian. The end result is a wonderful mixing that is pleasing to watch and listen to. While “Forty Nights” was a ‘coming of age’ type story the follow up “Chasing the Star,” tells a darker tale of mankind standing on the brink of ruin. It’s relatable as the “Empire Strikes Back” film of The Quest Trilogy. Both these first two films were multi-nominated at the International Christian Film Festival, which are the Oscars of the Christian film world. Both films won ‘Most Inspirational’ which is something the filmmakers at CDI take great pride in. It represents all the artists involved and recognizes the end goal of all filmmaking – to inspire one to new thinking or action. Will part 3 – “The Christ Slayer” also take the inspirational award? Perhaps. But awards are not the goal.

This Christmas season part 3 of the trilogy – “The Christ Slayer” will release to select theaters before moving into the home video arena for the Easter 2019 season with Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The company represents all three films in the trilogy and is excited about releasing the third installment. The film directed by Nathaniel Nose is a wonderful wrap up to the trilogy. The three films have several interwoven elements that are meant to be understood when watched as a whole. The films can be enjoyed as “stand alone” stories but to get the full impact they’re really meant to be watched together.

Here is the official release of the theatrical trailer

A common question that has been presented is if Mr. Perry will write and CDI produce another biblical trilogy? Never say never. In the meantime, the company has their 1800’s tale “Wild Faith” coming to home video this fall and the drama “MBF: Man’s Best Friend” has just finished filming in Michigan and is slated for a 2019 release.

More info about this and the other films at CDI can be found at

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