“Exile ” Red Carpet Premiere is October 28th, and 29th

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This video has more details and many of its actors invite you to come out

“Exile ” has a Red Carpet Premiere at Sun Theater in Grand Ledge on October 28th and 29th.

Loosely based on the life of the Biblical character Moses,  “Exile” an action-packed family film with a message about the Love of God, is Thang Mung’s second feature-length film.

About Director and producer Thang Mung
Director and producer Thang Mung has been creating video content for individuals and organizations in mid-Michigan for over seven years. He has directed and produced short films on mental health, diversity, and education in over half a dozen languages.

At a Michigan television station, he helped create commercials to promote the automotive, medical, and retail industries and has always loved using his skills to serve the community around him.  But Mung’s passion has always been to create full-length feature films; he loves telling untold stories and bringing unsung heroes to life.

In 2021 Thang Mung realized this lifelong dream with the production and debut of Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do – Thorn in the Center of the Heart. Acclaimed by the Zomi community as the best quality film made in their language to date, Mung is grateful to the team that made this project possible and proud to be its executive producer, director, and cinematographer.


The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” At iSTAR VIDEO PRODUCTION, we believe visual storytelling is the most effective and powerful way to tell important stories and deliver critical information. Whether you are trying to showcase your company’s services, train new employees, or disseminate important health information, video content is easy to understand, engaging, and time-saving. Delivering your message in the fastest, most professional, and most compelling manner is what we love to do at iSTAR! 

iStar Video Production offers clients a 90-degree green screen studio and considerable experience serving individuals, non-profit organizations, and many other entities.

We specialize in building bridges between diverse communities by creating multilingual content such as educational films, how-to videos, professional development training, and promotional footage in the native languages of our newest neighbors. 

Thang Mung Films

Thang Mung Films is iStar Video Production’s feature film division. Its mission is to be a global leader in creating authentic, exciting Christian action films.

We are proud to announce that Zomi National TV and the Zomi community are awarding the best director and Best actor for our first full-length feature film – Sin Lai Guh Ling Bang Do – Thorn in the Center of the Heart.

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