Tevis Marcum’s ‘Tale of Tails’ wraps

The principal filming of Tevis Mercum’s “Tale of Tails” has wrapped.  This according to a Facebook post which appeared on

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Harley Wallen’s movie ‘Eternal Code,’ plus ‘Betrayed’ and ‘Bennett’s Song’ join slate of films to receive private screenings at Cannes Film Festival by Vision Films–“Enigma” and “Abstruse” are there with Green Apple Entertainment

  Multi award-winning actor and director, Harley Wallen’s “Eternal Code“(formerly “Abeyance),  along with “Abstruse” and “Enigma,” all Painted Creek Productions,

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Bennett’s-Song sequel in the works–first round of new cast announced

A sequel to Bennett’s Song is in the works–and the first round of new cast has been announced. Some exciting announcements for Hollywood and East Coast talent will drop within the week.

“A Bennett-Song Holiday” includes over 20 new characters along with some of the ones you already love.

Retailers cannot keep Harley Wallen’s DVD ‘Betrayed’ on their shelves

It’s been a crazy week. Almost as soon as Harley and Kaiti Wallen and friends returned from Hollywood, where the much anticipated thriller “Betrayed” premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood, the first shipment of the DVD “Betrayed” was released to retailers throughout the greater Detroit area.