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The Revamped MMW.News: Your Ultimate Source for All Things Film

Do you love films and everything about the movie industry? From the latest box office releases to interviews with the biggest stars, do you crave everything related to the film?

Look no further than the new MMW.news!

Formerly known as Michigan Movie WEEKENDER (Michigan Movie Media 2.0 before that), this publication has undergone a transformation that now encompasses the entire film news industry.

Get ready for an all-access pass to the world of movies like you’ve never experienced before.

But who is behind this exciting transformation? Who is driving the changes and is responsible for bringing us this new and improved publication? The name behind the revamped MMW.news is David W. King.

With over four decades of experience in the entertainment industry, David W. King is not your average entertainment journalist.

King’s passion for advocacy in the film industry and his unwavering commitment to bringing the latest news to his audience are reasons he has made a lasting impact.