About Michigan Movie Weekender (mmw.news)


We are now known as the Michigan Movie Weekender (or the Weekender for short.)  To make our site that much more accessible,  we have shortened our URL to https:///mmw.news.

September 17, 2016–Welcome to Michigan Movie Media 2.0.  Although it has taken us over two months to write this first article, we launched this new blog on July 4, 2016–which was our way of striking a blow for Independence– we have published 29 articles–or an article every other day.  We have had nearly 200 unique visitors, with more coming in daily.  This is the beginning.

Why 2.0?   We felt it was time to take MMM to the next level. We have very few other alternatives. With this, we will focus almost exclusively on Michigan’s independent film industry. With a crushing defeat and extermination of Michigan’s film incentives,  the number of BIG tent pole productions, except for a few signed to produce here before this fateful day, have dried up.  Although this was disheartening for many looking forward to pursuing careers in the film industry,  with many leaving for what they perceived as greener pastures,  the heartiest of Michigan’s filmmakers decided to dig in and start producing their own, whether shorts or features.  To Michigan’s film-making community’s credit, many have proven very high-level, receiving accolades from film festivals worldwide.  The selection of these films by international film festivals, paneled by expert judges, is one of the highest compliments that Michigan’s independent filmmakers could receive,  with many decorating the posters they have created for each production with many laurel wreaths.  Go, Michigan film industry!

What plans do we have for The Michigan Movie Weekender?   MMW.news is going to be an evolving entity.  We have plans to continue to present news as it breaks, but with exploration and focus on video and other new technologies.  We will offer articles on and interviews with Michigan’s filmmakers and subjects relevant to and of interest to our growing readership.

Now let’s make some noise.  Let’s make it known that Michigan has a film industry, and we are dedicated to producing films that will make our presence known.  We are Michigan’s film industry.