Upcoming Horror Film ‘Open Wounds’ Begins Filming in Atlanta

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Upcoming Horror Film ‘Open Wounds’ Begins Filming in Atlanta
Step into a world where horror becomes a reality.

• ‘Open Wounds,’ a new horror film produced by Day 28 Films and Bald Eagle Entertainment, is filming in Atlanta.
• The film is directed by Ronald Krauss and written by Ronald Krauss, Ryan Leeder, and Joshua Courtade, with an all-star cast including Jack Kilmer, Paris Jackson, Eric Roberts, Lambert Houston, Renata Notni, Richie Radichi, and Jay Giannone.
• ‘Open Wounds’ follows the story of Jefferson (Eric Roberts), the owner of a struggling independent horror studio; his nephew Caleb (Jack Kilmer), an aspiring makeup FX artist; and Renata Notni’s character as a vampire.
• Caleb’s big break comes when he is tasked with creating effects for a B horror film inspired by a murder he witnessed. As success comes from his horrifyingly realistic work, he descends into madness and commits murders to inspire his artistry.
• ‘Open Wounds’ blurs the lines between fiction and reality, taking viewers on a spine-chilling journey into darkness. Release date updates are coming soon!

Get ready for a spine-tingling thrill ride with ‘Open Wounds,’ the latest horror film from Day 28 Films and Bald Eagle Entertainment. Currently in production in Atlanta, this highly anticipated movie is already generating buzz. Directed by Ronald Krauss and featuring a talented cast, including Jack Kilmer, Paris Jackson, and Eric Roberts, ‘Open Wounds promises to deliver a terrifying and unforgettable experience.

The film tells the story of Jefferson, a struggling indie horror studio owner, and his nephew Caleb, a budding makeup FX artist. When Jefferson assigns Caleb to work on a B-list horror movie about a vampire, he finally gets his big break. However, Caleb’s excitement turns to terror when he witnesses a murder and decides to incorporate the realism of the crime into his special effects. As Caleb’s work gains praise, he descends into madness, losing his sense of right and wrong.

Join Kilmer, Jackson, and Roberts as they bring this chilling tale to life in Atlanta. Alongside a talented supporting cast, including Lambert Houston, Renata Notni, Richie Radichi, and Jay Giannone, ‘Open Wounds’ is set to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Produced by Ronald Krauss and Ira Houston, with Ryan Leeder, Joshua Courtade, and Krauss collaborating on the screenplay, ‘Open Wounds’ is a must-see for all fans of the horror genre. Don’t miss your chance to experience the terror firsthand. Stay tuned for release date details and get ready to be captivated by ‘Open Wounds’.


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