Vimeo Staff Shares the Secrets of Becoming a Vimeo Staff Pic The Insider’s Guide Revealed

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Vimeo Staff Shares the Secrets of Becoming a Vimeo Staff Pick: The Insider’s Guide Revealed
Discover what it takes to achieve the coveted status of Vimeo Staff Pick as curators Ina Pira and Meghan Oretsky spill the beans on their selection process.

In Short
• Vimeo celebrates 15 years showcasing short films with the ‘Generation Vimeo’ campaign and their short film that reveals the Staff Pick selection process
• Ben Sinclair narrates the video to demonstrate what it takes to become a Staff Pick
• To gain the coveted distinction, creators must have originality, craftsmanship, compelling storytelling, and diverse perspectives
• Ina Pira and Meghan Oretsky are the platform’s curators who choose projects daily. Out of over 15,000 videos in the channel, only a select few receive recognition for meeting all four criteria
• Learn about Vimeo Staff Picks selections by watching their video below.

To celebrate 15 years of showcasing the best in short films, Vimeo has launched the Generation Vimeo campaign. As part of this, they’ve created a short film that provides a behind-the-scenes look at how Staff Picks are chosen. Directed and produced by Vimeo’s internal creative team, and featuring animation from director Danae Gosset, this video offers valuable insights into the selection process. Ben Sinclair, co-creator of HBO’s “High Maintenance”, provides the voiceover.

Since its inception in 2008, Vimeo’s Staff Pick program has recognized incredible talent in the filmmaking world, including Josh and Benny Safdie and director Charlotte Wells. Laurel Parmet and Scott Lazer, two emerging filmmakers, are also featured in this video, celebrating the Staff Picks process.

The Staff Pick badge symbolizes distinction on Vimeo, setting exceptional projects apart from the rest. Ina Pira and Meghan Oretsky, the platform’s curators, delve deeper into the selection process, which takes place daily. The Staff Pick program is highly competitive, with over 15,000 videos in the channel and a worldwide following of 1.4 million Vimeo users.

The selection criteria for a Staff Pick are based on four key pillars: originality, exceptional craftsmanship, compelling storytelling, and diverse perspectives. Ina Pira says these qualities create the “ineffable feeling” that sets great work apart. Watch the video below to learn more about the inner workings of the Vimeo Staff Picks selections.

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