Why Marvel Studios Failed Captain Marvel: The Untold Story

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Why Marvel Studios Failed Captain Marvel: The Untold Story

• Marvel Studios mishandled Captain Marvel’s character by setting her solo film in the 1980s and neglecting to develop her relationships with other characters.
• They also failed to give Carol a role in “Secret Invasion” and made a joke of her constant departures in other films.
• “The Marvels” tried to rectify these missteps by finally allowing Carol meaningful relationships within the MCU.
• Despite this, another Captain Marvel film may not be on the horizon, but Carol Danvers deserves recognition for embodying unique qualities that are missing from other superheroes.

Critics blame superhero exhaustion, but Marvel’s missteps are the real culprit for Captain Marvel’s downfall. This weekend’s dismal performance of “The Marvels” only adds fuel to the fire. While I agree that the superhero genre may be oversaturated, there’s a deeper issue: Marvel’s mishandling of Captain Marvel as a character.

It all started with her solo film. Setting it in the 1980s was a grave mistake. To explain her absence in the MCU, they concocted a convoluted plot of her staying in space to help the Skrulls. This decision immediately disconnected her from the rest of the universe. When she finally appears in “Avengers: Endgame,” she lacks substantial connections. The film fails to develop her character, giving her a mere 4 minutes of screen time in an 182-minute epic. It’s a missed opportunity for Marvel, who is usually adept at introducing new characters.

Even worse, Captain Marvel’s next appearance in “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is equally disappointing. She has nothing of significance to contribute, only to abruptly leave. The writers even joke about her constant departures, further downplaying her importance. Meanwhile, other characters like Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy get their space adventures, and the Skrulls take center stage in “Secret Invasion,” leaving Carol without a role.

Marvel’s mismanagement has led to a disenchanted audience. However, “The Marvels” attempts to rectify these mistakes by finally giving Carol meaningful relationships within the MCU. She forms an intriguing bond with Valkyrie, raising questions about why she wasn’t utilized in “Thor: Love and Thunder.” The film also showcases Carol’s empathetic and humorous side, balancing her serious demeanor. Finally, she returns to Earth, setting the stage for her future in the ongoing MCU story.

While another Captain Marvel film may not be on the horizon, Carol Danvers deserves a place in the universe. She embodies a unique combination of bravery, warmth, selflessness, and flaws that other superhero characters lack. We need more stories like hers, and Marvel shouldn’t abandon her entirely.

Marvel Studios must learn from their mistakes and give Captain Marvel the recognition she deserves. The world needs more heroes like Carol Danvers.


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