Epic Pictures Group Sets U.S. Release Date for WWII Action Film Betrayal

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Epic Pictures Group Sets U.S. Release Date for WWII Action Film Betrayal

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 9, 2023 -Epic Pictures Group will release their WWII action film, BETRAYAL, in North America. The film is set to hit select theaters beginning December 1, 2023, and on VOD December 5, 2023. Thomas Nauw and Dennis Bots served as the film’s directors. Rob Camies served as the co-writer alongside Nauw, with the story by Peter Nillesen. Some of Bot’s previous credits include Het Huis Anubis, Cool Kids Don’t Cry, and Secrets of War, while Betrayal marks Thomas’ feature film debut. The Betrayal cast is headed by Peter Nillesen, Dirk Gunther Mohr, Kai Kolderand, and Andreas Lessig.

Betrayal tells the story of the German-Dutch Ludwig Mengelberg, an officer in the German army who holds the nickname of ‘Der Fliegende Holländer’. Mengelberg finds it increasingly difficult to cope with the horrors of the war and when his wife and daughter are killed in a bombing, he makes a drastic decision. When he is transferred to the Netherlands, he decides to help a Dutch farm family covering up people in hiding. In doing so, he commits high treason against his own men. When the SS becomes suspicious and the resistance advances, Mengelberg not only puts his own life in danger, but also those of the people he aims to help.

When discussing the release, Yulissa Morales, VP of US Distribution says, “Betrayal is a powerful and impactful film that Epic Pictures is excited to share with North American audiences. The performances in this film are simply incredible.”


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