Amber Heard takes on superstition and fear in the gripping period thriller ‘In the Fire’

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In the gripping period thriller IN THE FIRE, Amber Heard takes on superstition and fear.

In this intense film directed by Conor Allyn, Heard delivers a mesmerizing performance as a doctor determined to challenge 19th-century beliefs and prove that medicine can conquer evil.

Joining Heard in this thrilling journey are talented co-stars Luca Calvani, Eduardo Noriega, and Sophie Amber.

As the story unfolds, a remote plantation becomes the battleground for a clash between science and religion as the doctor tries to help a disturbed boy with extraordinary powers.

At the same time, the local priest insists that dark forces are at play.

Prepare for a captivating cinematic experience as Amber Heard lights up the screen in her career-best role.

IN THE FIRE will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning what is real and perceived in a fight against the unknown.


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