Achieving Success In The Film Industry Is A Journey That Requires Patience, Hard Work And The Right Mindset

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Achieving Success In The Film Industry Is A Journey That Requires Patience, Hard Work And The Right Mindset
Independent Film “Wrecker” Is Finally Released After Years Of Unfailing Determination

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, November 2, 2023 / — It is well known the Entertainment Industry is one of the toughest industries for one to find success. An outsider that lacks top-level connections and a bottomless bank account has relatively no chance of making a film that will be accepted by audiences or sought after by distribution platforms. But, the phrase “relatively no chance”, to some driven individuals, means there is “still” a chance.

While some lack riches and social ties, others climb to the top through sheer grit and determination. Just look at the likes.of Sylvester Stallone, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez. These men found fame and fortune through their resilience, tenacity, and unrelenting will to achieve seemingly impossible goals.

Determination is the ability to keep trying and moving towards a goal, no matter what. Determined people are extremely motivated and focused on what they want to achieve. Regardless of roadblocks or challenges, they maintain a resilient mindset and push through to succeed.

Bryan Brooks is a filmmaker, or at least determined to be one. After suffering a life-threatening injury aboard a crab boat in the Bering Sea, he had a life-changing epiphany. “I looked in the mirror and saw my bloody, battered body and thought to myself, is this really what I want to do with my life? What happened to my dream of reaching out to millions of people through the art of film? Why am I not following that dream? The path I’m on right now almost killed me. It’s time for a change.”

In his youth, he dreamed of producing and acting in movies. But, the thought of competing with hundreds of thousands of actors for a few small roles in Hollywood didn’t seem too realistic of a direction to go in life. So, he did what most people do: he worked whatever job he could find to support himself. He worked for years as a bartender and found work up in Alaska aboard a crabbing boat. The accident happened after three years of 18-hour work days in the cold of the Bering Sea.

“Somebody famous once said you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. That’s advice everyone should think about every day.”— Bryan Brooks

Once the realization of never having taken his shot at acting or producing sank in, he decided it was time to follow his dream, no matter how hard that path would be. Bryan had been crushed by a loose crab pot weighing in excess of 800 lbs while working on the boat. It took 10 months of physical therapy before he could raise his left arm over his head. During his recovery time he fervently studied the business of film. He took acting classes, taught himself to edit by watching YouTube videos, learned to professionally color film and practiced framing up shots with a variety of his friend’s cameras. He took every acting class he could find and in the process, met new friends that were starving to work in any film. It took several months to complete his first script. He made an announcement to his friends and family that he was to become a filmmaker and would never deter from that path, no matter what happened, no matter how much failure he experienced.

Bryan Brooks came from humble beginnings, he did not possess even a fraction of the budget needed for a feature film. But some people don’t let anything stop them. He borrowed cameras from friends, purchased used lighting equipment from a local pornography company, and bought an old Macintosh with a cracked screen with which to edit the film.

Creating his first feature film took years of work and all his extra time and money. But, once completed, it showed to a sold-out crowd of 220 people at the Summerfield Theater in Santa Rosa, CA. “People stood up and cheered when the credits rolled; it was thunderous. I don’t think a movie premier could go any better than mine.”

Showing your film to your friends is one thing, but getting it accepted into the mainstream film market is another. Bryan met with several film distribution companies and decided to have Indie Rights, based in Los Angeles, represent his film. His feature, Wrecker, has all the look and feel of a large-budget Hollywood film. But the quality you’re seeing is the sheer determination and grit of one individual who had to almost lose his life to realize that he should follow his dreams finally.

Bryan Brooks’ feature film Wrecker is available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video or is free to view on other platforms. If you enjoyed reading about Bryan’s story and would like to help a determined independent filmmaker find success, please follow any of the links below to view the hard work he put into creating his film. Or visit

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