Tyler Perry Opens Up About New Documentary, “Maxine’s Baby,” and SAG-AFTRA Strike

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Tyler Perry Opens Up About New Documentary, “Maxine’s Baby,” and SAG-AFTRA Strike

In Brief
• Tyler Perry revealed details about his new documentary “Maxine’s Baby” in an interview with CBS Mornings.
• The film chronicles ten years of his life and was created with a unique creative approach, relinquishing some of his control.
• The documentary pays tribute to Perry’s late mother, Maxine, who profoundly shaped his career.
• Perry now works at the highly successful Tyler Perry Studios—the largest film complex in the nation independently owned by a Black person.
• Perry stands in unity with SAG-AFTRA actors by temporarily closing his studios and hosting food drives and fundraisers on-site.
• Through the lens of his own story, Tyler Perry continues to inspire individuals everywhere as he reshapes the film industry.

In an exclusive interview with “CBS Mornings,” Tyler Perry delves into the highly anticipated documentary “Maxine’s Baby,” which chronicles his life. Perry, known for his multifaceted career as an actor, producer, director, and media mogul, reveals that he relinquished creative control for this project—a rare occurrence. The cameras followed him for an astonishing ten years to capture the essence of his journey.

“This is not just a story I’m telling. It’s my life,” Perry shares, hoping that the struggles and triumphs depicted in the film will inspire others. “If it can touch even one person, all the sacrifices were worth it.”

The documentary pays tribute to Perry’s mother, Maxine, who passed away in 2009 after battling a long illness. Perry credits his mother as the driving force behind his impressive career. “Everything I did was for her. Money was never my goal; it was all about ensuring she received the care and support she needed,” Perry confesses. With his mother’s passing, Perry initially struggled to find motivation. However, witnessing the diverse talents entering his Tyler Perry Studios has reignited his passion.

Tyler Perry Studios, located on a sprawling 330-acre property in Atlanta, stands as the largest film complex in the nation and a testament to Perry’s historic achievement as the first Black person to own a major film studio independently. Given his unique perspective as a studio owner and former actor, Perry has been closely following the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors’ strikes. To express solidarity with the unions, Perry temporarily closed his studios and now hosts food drives and fundraisers on-site. However, he admits that the hiatus from work has been challenging.

“While we navigate through negotiations, it’s vital to acknowledge the remarkable effort of individuals like Fran Drescher and Duncan Ireland from SAG-AFTRA, who have tirelessly worked towards progress,” Perry states. However, he emphasizes the importance of recognizing when victories are achieved. The recent deal is only a three-year agreement, meaning renegotiations will occur shortly. Perry advises taking things one step at a time to ensure sustainable progress.

Tyler Perry’s story of determination, inspired by his beloved mother, continues to inspire countless individuals and reshape the film industry. The documentary “Maxine’s Baby” promises an intimate glimpse into the extraordinary life of one of America’s most influential creatives.

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