Emma Corrin Stars as Gen Z Sherlock Holmes in Gripping Teaser Trailer for ‘A Murder at the End of the World’

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Emma Corrin Stars as Gen Z Sherlock Holmes in Gripping Teaser Trailer for ‘A Murder at the End of the World’

• Emma Corrin stars as Gen Z Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming FX series, “A Murder at the End of the World”, set to air on Hulu on November 14th, 2023.
• Co-starring Clive Owen and other talented actors, this gripping murder mystery follows Darby Hart’s investigation of a shocking crime at a secluded retreat.
• Darby must navigate secrets and lies to discover the truth, while Clive Owen’s ominous house owner plays an integral role in the story.
• Additionally, Corrin will appear in MCU’s Deadpool 3 and Robert Eggers’ highly-anticipated Nosferatu remake.

Prepare to be captivated by FX’s highly-anticipated limited series, coming to Hulu screens on November 14, 2023.

Starring Emma Corrin and Clive Owen, A Murder at the End of the World promises a thrilling twist on classic murder mystery films.

In this teaser, Corrin takes on the role of Darby Hart, a Gen Z Sherlock Holmes, who finds herself embroiled in a shocking murder investigation at a secluded retreat.

As tensions rise and suspicion grows, Darby must navigate a web of deceit to uncover the truth.

Discover the chilling world of “A Murder at the End of the World” as guests gather in the picturesque yet mysterious landscape.

As tragedy strikes, Darby becomes determined to unravel the secrets hidden amongst the guests, including an ominous house owner portrayed by Clive Owen.

With an escalating sense of danger and an infamous quote, “You grow up on crime scenes and you think this is one too, it’s not,” from Owen’s character, this series promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Also featuring Raúl Esparza, Joan Chen, Ryan J. Haddad, Pegah Ferydoni, and Jermaine Fowler, A Murder at the End of the World is an enthralling limited series brought to life by the talented duo Brit Marling & Zal Batmanglij.

The excitement doesn’t end there for Emma Corrin. Following her standout performance as young Diana in The Crown, she’s set to play a villain in MCU’s Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Additionally, Corrin will grace the screen as Anna Harding in the highly-anticipated Nosferatu remake from Robert Eggers, starring alongside a star-studded cast.

About Emma-Louise Corrin.

Corrin’s journey to self-discovery and acceptance is captivating. From embracing their queerness to proudly displaying their pronouns on social media, they are breaking barriers. In an enlightening interview with The New York Times, they revealed their non-binary identity. And now, in a historic moment, they have become Vogue magazine’s first-ever non-binary cover star in 2022. This individual’s story is not just about personal growth but a powerful representation of an inclusive and evolving world.

Her Career

Born on December 13, 1995, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Emma-Louise Corrin is an English actor who captivated audiences with their portrayal of Princess Diana in the hit Netflix series The Crown.

Their incredible performance earned them a Golden Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. But their talent continues beyond there.

Corrin has also graced the big screen with roles in the romantic dramas My Policeman and Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

From a young age, Corrin’s passion for acting and dance shone through. They attended the Roman Catholic Woldingham School, where their talents blossomed.

After a gap year devoted to furthering their skills at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and teaching in South Africa, Corrin pursued drama at the University of Bristol.

Later, they studied Education, English, Drama, and the Arts at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Corrin’s career ignited with appearances in popular shows such as Grantchester and Pennyworth, followed by their impressive film debut in “Misbehaviour.” But it was their role as Princess Diana that truly catapulted them into the spotlight. The accolades flooded in, including a Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice Television Award, and a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Proving their versatility, Corrin conquered the stage in the West End production of Anna X and showcased their talent in the films My Policeman and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. And there’s no stopping them now. Corrin is set to take on a villainous role in Deadpool 3, making their mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Keep an eye on Emma-Louise Corrin as they light up screens and stages with their extraordinary talent.


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