“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is a record-breaking hit on Peacock, captivating audiences with its supernatural horror and thrilling storyline.  But should children watch it?

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Five Nights at Freddy’s smashed box office records with an $80 million opening, exceeding its $20 million budget by $60 million. So, any additional earnings from the box office are just a bonus. Despite a potential 80% drop in its second weekend, making an estimated $17 million, this news isn’t as bad as it seems.

• Five Nights at Freddy’s was a record-breaking hit, earning $80 million in its opening weekend and surpassing its $20 million budget.
• The filmmakers targeted the franchise’s fans rather than mass appeal, and their strategy proved successful.
• Though there was an 80% drop in the movie’s second weekend, with an estimated $17 million, it was still a success due to its massive opening.
• By releasing the film on Peacock simultaneously, both formats benefited from the unique strategy.
• There is debate about whether this movie should be appropriate for children – Common Sense Media suggests ages 14 and up due to its violent depictions and scary moments. However, some parents believe their experienced 10-year-olds can handle it with guidance.

From the start, we knew this PG-13 video game adaptation would attract a devoted fanbase who have enjoyed the franchise since its inception in 2014. The filmmakers focused on catering to these fans rather than aiming for mass appeal, and their strategy paid off. Therefore, it’s not unexpected to see such a significant decline in the second week, even though we predicted it to be around 70% rather than the current 80%. The negative reviews, including a 4/10 rating from our own Tyler Nichols, have clarified that this movie is specifically for franchise fans.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether releasing this film simultaneously on Peacock’s streaming service affected its box office performance. However, in the case of Five Nights at Freddy’s, it appears to be a win-win situation for the studio. Despite the significant drop in its second week, which would raise concerns for any other film, this movie had a massive enough opening to be considered a huge success. Additionally, it became the most-watched program on Peacock within its first five days of release. This unique simultaneous release strategy benefited both formats. But, let’s not get too confident, studios. It might have worked once, but chances are it won’t work again!

Directed by Emma Tammi and based on the popular video game series, the movie follows security guard Mike Schmidt as he uncovers the dark secrets of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. With the lives of Mike’s family at stake, the movie offers a suspenseful and chilling experience.

However, the question arises: should kids watch “Five Nights at Freddy’s?” Betsy Bozdech from Common Sense Media suggests that the movie may be too intense for some adolescents, as it falls on the scarier end of the spectrum. The monsters in the film are likened to Chuck E. Cheese, who came to life and tried to kill you. Common Sense Media recommends the movie for ages 14 and up, highlighting its depictions of violence and terror.

Despite the rating, some parents, like Rita Danielle Donohue-Simmons, believe that kids as young as ten can handle the movie, particularly if they are familiar with the video game series. Common Sense Media acknowledges that many kids are accustomed to the game’s violence and may approach the movie differently due to their prior knowledge.

For parents considering allowing their children to watch “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” it can be a valuable experience when viewed with a trusted adult. Betsy Bozdech emphasizes that experiencing scary moments in a safe environment can be exciting and beneficial for adolescents.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” offers a thrilling and suspenseful viewing experience, but parents should consider their child’s readiness for intense horror before allowing them to watch. With proper guidance and a safe environment, it can be a memorable adventure for older children and teenagers.



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