Major Brands (Pepsi, Hershey’s, Hormel, Smithfield Foods) Tapping Into Independent Film

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LANSING, Mich.Nov. 2, 2023PRLog — Collective Development Inc. (CDI) from Michigan has a global audience via filmmaking. After nearly three decades, several notable international brands are now aligning themselves with the award-winning motion picture production company. CDI films are often historical pieces with a positive message. The films are distributed by Twin Engines Global, putting tens of millions of eyes on their stories. CDI’s handcrafted storytelling is driven by a group of actors/producers who put the story first. The scripts are being written by CEO DJ Perry, who also supervises production.

“I believe the art of storytelling represents effective communication. A good story can speak directly to the hearts and minds of audiences. It unifies, inspires, and reminds us that stories are for everyone.” – DJ Perry, CEO Collective Development Inc.

Silent Night In Algona, a WW2 drama based on true events, was filmed in Iowa, and after nine months in the theatres, the film is heading to home video. It premiered in the TOP 50 pre-orders on Amazon and will be released to streaming and DVD on December 1st, in time for Christmas. Hershey’s and Hormel Spam products are in the story. Smithfield Foods came on board as a sponsor, citing the positive story, something much needed in today’s world. The film can be pre-ordered…

CDI just wrapped up filming “Harsens Island Revenge,” adapted from the book of the same name. It focuses on true events following WWI, whereas the infamous Purple Gang and WWI veterans came into conflict over illegal booze. The film again features a slew of sponsors, including Pepsi, who will be working with CDI moving forward. Pepsi will play a part in the film’s release next year to theatres and is in talks to participate in future projects now in development.

“The future is bright for CDI, showing that they too can be part of originating a successful advertising campaign. Currently, a “Classically Cool Pepsi” campaign is in the works to coincide with the Harsens Island Revenge 2024 release. We are proud and excited to represent Pepsi from a local level, to represent the great brands that we sell, and to be a partner with CDI, which continues to grow and innovate much like we do year after year. This partnership between CDI and Pepsi is like the combination of Pepsi being poured over ice, it just goes better together. Marketing and advertising executives are discovering that creative and original new campaigns can originate with independent storytellers like Collective Development Incorporated.”

– Mark Balko, Pepsi Sales Manager

Collective Development Inc.

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