‘Harsens Island Revenge’ – Moves Into Post-Production

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By: Collective Developemnt Inc.

LANSING, Mich.Nov. 1, 2023PRLog — Michigan’s Collective Development Inc. has concluded filming on their next motion picture, the roaring 20’s prohibition film Harsens Island Revenge. Screenwriter DJ Perry adapted the script from the book of the same name penned by Michigan author Karl Manke. This is the second collaboration with author Karl Manke and Curwood Publishing, with the first film being Best Years Gone (Available on Amazon and other platforms). The filming was primarily done in Alpena, MI with the final filming pieces being filmed on the island. Citing safety, production support, and the abundance of period buildings, Alpena doubles as Harsens Island in several scenes. The primitive coastline, water channels, and bootlegging history made Alpena a good match.

On Halloween, as the leaves color peaked, the final shots of the island and notable locations that remain period-correct were captured. McGraw Multimedia was engaged to film on the island using their first-person cinematic drone. Carl Weyant is directing the film. The movie highlights a 1920s conflict between Detroit’s infamous Purple Gang and WW1 vets on the island. The film plans to release to theatres in late 2024, with a home video to follow.

CDI Website – http://www.cdiproductions.com

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