Rediscovering Hollywood’s Iconic Egyptian Theater: Netflix’s Show-Stopping Restoration

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Rediscovering Hollywood’s Iconic Egyptian Theater: Netflix’s Show-Stopping Restoration

• Netflix and American Cinematheque are reviving the iconic 101-year-old Egyptian Theater.
• The renovations include state-of-the-art projection, Dolby Atmos sound, and versatile lighting.
• The restoration takes the theater back in time while equipping it for the future.
• Netflix is preserving Hollywood’s rich heritage with this venture, while American Cinematheque offers weekend film screenings without distraction.
• Working alongside Netflix, memories of Hollywood’s past flooded historic consultant Peyton Hall as he delved into construction drawings to uncover the theater’s true essence.
• The lighting, sound, and seating have been carefully concealed and improved upon for a seamless reception in the foyer without disturbance to the audience.
• With stringent safety regulations met, the restored theater is ready to captivate audiences for years to come.

Step into the enchanting world of Hollywood history as Netflix and American Cinematheque revive the legendary Egyptian Theater. From earthquakes to hidden tunnels, this 101-year-old movie palace has witnessed it all. Now, after meticulous renovations, the Theater is ready to embark on its next century as a cutting-edge cinema venue.

Prepare for a grand reopening on November 9th, featuring David Fincher’s “The Killer.” Gone are the days of minor touch-ups; this restoration project is a complete transformation, taking the Theater back in time while equipping it for the future. With advancements like state-of-the-art projection, Dolby Atmos sound, and versatile lighting, the 516-seat Hollywood Boulevard theater is poised to accommodate film premieres, exhibits, and live events.

For Netflix, preserving Hollywood’s rich heritage is paramount. The company has overtaken New York’s famous Paris Theater and runs the Bay Theater in Pacific Palisades. However, the Egyptian Theater presents a larger endeavor. Meanwhile, for the American Cinematheque, this partnership ensures the continuation of weekend film screenings without the distractions of leaks and cracks.

Netflix film chairman Scott Stuber affirms that the restoration is an opportunity to unite the film community and celebrate classic and new films. The Egyptian Theater serves as the perfect site to fall back in love with timeless masterpieces while indulging in the latest cinematic creations. Bridging the gap between old and new is paramount in this venture.

As historic consultant Peyton Hall revisited the project, memories of Hollywood’s past flooded him. Working alongside Netflix provided a chance to bring this iconic piece of Hollywood heritage into the 21st century. Hall emphasizes the importance of preserving the history and story behind the Egyptian Theater and creating an authentic design.

With Ross Brennan of Studio 440 Architecture, Hall delved into construction drawings from the original architects to uncover the Theater’s true essence. Undoing certain modifications, such as a problematic balcony added in a previous renovation, was essential. The restoration also involved rebuilding the foundation, implementing a waterproofing system, and reinforcing the structure to meet seismic standards following the 1994 earthquake.

The revitalized auditorium boasts concealed innovation and respects its illustrious history. Lighting is cleverly hidden, while sound-absorbing plaster replaces movable panels. Discreet pass-through doors minimize clutter, and historically accurate banners and awnings contribute to sound absorption. The seats’ perforated backs reduce noise, and even the stunning ceiling sunburst conceals air ducts while allowing for spotlight attachments.

Gone are the days of direct access from the lobby to the auditorium, interrupting the movie-watching experience. The restoration includes sound- and light locks, ensuring a seamless reception in the foyer without disturbing the audience. Moreover, a state-of-the-art production booth at the back of the auditorium caters to live performances and captures prestigious events.

As one of only five U.S. theaters capable of projecting highly flammable vintage nitrate films, the Egyptian Theater adheres to the strictest safety regulations. With this meticulous restoration, the Theater is primed to preserve Hollywood history and captivate audiences for years.

Revitalized: Courtyard Transformation Breathes New Life into Historic Theater

Step inside the theater and transport yourself back to 1924, when a grand locomotive stole the show at the premiere of “The Iron Horse.” Thanks to a recent courtyard remodel, the spacious forecourt can once again accommodate extravagant events and red-carpet affairs.

A team of experts from Silverlake Conservation played a crucial role in restoring the mesmerizing hieroglyphics mural to its original vibrancy. Inspired by ancient Egyptian temples, the revitalized “door to nowhere” and “staircase to nowhere” on the left side of the ticket booths now exude a renewed sense of wonder. By removing and reversing the doors, restorers also unveiled a fresh surface that had been hidden for years.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Throughout the theater complex, subtle yet impactful design details enhance the overall experience. From the patterned aisle carpet that transitions from light to dark as moviegoers approach the screen to the ornate ceiling design in the restrooms, every element has been carefully curated.

The goal of this transformative project is to ensure the theater’s longevity well into the future. As Hall, the mastermind behind the remodel, puts it, “We’re embracing the 21st century while respecting and embracing the timeless beauty of 1922 architecture.” Now, theater enthusiasts can revel in a perfect marriage of past and present.


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