Haunted Michigan: Discover the chilling history of Detroit’s Leland Hotel

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Experience the chilling history of Detroit’s Leland Hotel, infamous for its shocking legacy of death and tragedy. From suicides to freak accidents, this hotel has seen it all since its opening in 1927. Once a hotspot for Jimmy Hoffa and the Purple Gang and a bustling hub during the Great Depression, the Leland became a breeding ground for terror.

The historic Detroit landmark, which opened in 1927, promoted itself as a luxury hotel with 800 rooms in the bustling downtown area. In its heyday, there was also a dining room, coffee shop, ballroom, and 11 stores.

However, as fortunes changed in the once-industrious Michigan city, so did the luck of the hotel. Even as society improved, misfortune still clung to Leland’s hallways. What was once a grand establishment now stands in deteriorating decay, shrouded in a nasty reputation.

Many believe the hotel is cursed, bringing misery to those in distress. Ghostly gangsters and victims of the past still haunt its halls, while visitors report disturbing dreams and encounters with aggressive spirits. Prepare to be taken back in time as you witness out-of-era figures and eerie phenomena.

Visitors also report unnerving dreams, pursued by an aggressive spirit that manifests through choking sounds and encountering strangely dressed figures displaced in time. Now a dilapidated shell of its former glory, the cursed Leland Hotel is believed to bring misfortune to those who enter.

While the hotel now serves as low-income housing, you can still experience the spine-chilling atmosphere at City Club, its infamous last remaining nightclub. Complete with a resident ghoul; this haunting figure will send shivers down your spine as it scampers on all fours along the club’s staircase. City Club welcomes the alternative and goth communities, offering a chilling experience.

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Venture inside America’s worst hotel, the Leland, and discover the stomach-churning reviews from previous guests who braved a stay at this legendary Detroit dump before its closure. Experience the thrills and horrors that await within.

Guests Review the Leland

Reviews posted on Tripadvisor.com by one-time guests of the Leland allege that conditions were almost comically bad at the hotel.

According to a Detroit couple, who claim to have stayed in March 2009 while attending a music festival in the downtown area, the Leland ‘is an experience all in itself.’

The guest, registered on the travel site as Mwoike writes: ‘…the staff was (is) extremely unhelpful, and when we finally got up to our room (the elevators are as horrific as everyone has described) and begun to unpack, another couple unlocks our room door and walks in. The hotel double-booked our room!

‘One of the years we stayed there… Someone had been stabbed right in front of the doors to the hotel, and there was a huge puddle of blood on the ground.

‘Another time, in the very early morning, we were verbally assaulted by someone who worked in the hotel.’

Another guest who claimed to have traveled from Scotland to the hotel complained of a smell to it that I could never quite work out in the same lobby.

Make your way to the Leland Hotel for a bone-chilling adventure. Check the website for City Club’s opening hours and plan your visit. But beware, only the bravest souls dare to step foot in this macabre establishment.

The 8 Most Haunted Hotels in Michigan

Experience the thrill of staying in the most haunted hotels in Michigan. From ghostly apparitions to unexplainable events, these historic lodging establishments will surely give you an otherworldly experience.

1. National House Inn, Marshall: Built-in 1835, this bed and breakfast is home to a haunting woman in a red dress and mysterious noises possibly connected to the underground railroad.

2. Inn on Ferry Street, Detroit: This collection of historic buildings is rumored to be haunted by a grabbing ghost in Room 4102 and a ghostly figure in a wedding dress roaming the halls.

3. Nahma Inn, Nahma: With the presence of Nell Fleming, a former resident, this inn offers encounters with her ghost, known to move objects and rearrange things around the rooms.

4. The Henry, Dearborn: Previously known as the Ritz-Carlton, this hotel is known for doors opening and closing on their own, lights switching on and off, and eerie disturbances in room 418.
5. Landmark Inn, Marquette: This luxurious hotel has hosted famous guests like Amelia Earhart, who is said to visit Room 502 still and leave behind unusual sounds and flickering lights.

6. Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast, Bellaire. Discover the haunting history of the Grand Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Bellaire. Built-in 1895, this home was meant to win over a lover’s heart, but instead, it became a ghostly residence. Mysterious lights in the dome and the lingering presence of its hopeful owner make this B&B an eerie destination.

7. Henderson Castle Inn, Kalamazoo Enter the Henderson Castle Inn in Kalamazoo, an elegant retreat with a haunting past. Built in 1895, this castle has seen its share of ghosts, including the original owners, Frank and Mary. From phantom voices to sightings of Victorian apparitions, this haunted hotel will leave you breathless.|

8. Holly Hotel in Holly 
Experience true terror at the Historic Holly Hotel in Holly. This spine-chilling building is rumored to be the most haunted in America. With a history marred by tragic fires, the spirits that roam these halls are restless. Beware of the lingering smell of cigar smoke and encounters with a playful little girl’s ghost.

Note: Although closed as a hotel due to a recent fire, the Historic Holly Hotel is reopening as a restaurant and comedy club. Don’t miss your chance to dine in this haunted hotspot and witness the supernatural for yourself.

Are you ready for an unforgettable and ghostly adventure? Book your stay at one of Michigan’s haunted bed and breakfasts if you dare.

Are you brave enough to book a room in these haunted hotels? But remember, you might not be the only one staying in your room.

Are you brave enough to book a room in these haunted hotels? Remember, you might not be the only one staying in your room.

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