Haunted Michigan: Discover the enchanting and haunting Elmwood Cemetery, a historic gem in the heart of Detroit.

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Discover the enchanting and haunting Elmwood Cemetery, a historic gem in the heart of Detroit. As Michigan’s oldest continuously operating, non-denominational cemetery,

Elmwood holds a special place in the state’s history. Located at 1200 Elmwood Street in Detroit’s Eastside Historic Cemetery District, this sacred ground is a testament to the lives of prominent figures and ordinary citizens.

Established on October 8, 1846, Elmwood Cemetery spans 86 acres and is the resting place of countless Detroiters. It holds the distinction of being the first fully racially integrated cemetery in the Midwest, embodying a spirit of inclusion and unity.

Designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, the park-like grounds feature a serene stream and gentle hills, mirroring the beauty of the famous Mount Auburn Cemetery in Massachusetts.

Immerse yourself in history as you explore the meticulously designed Gothic Revival chapel, which dates back to 1856. Despite a devastating fire in 1976, the chapel has been restored and remains an iconic symbol within the cemetery.

Lovers of architecture and art will also marvel at the Gothic Revival gatehouse, added in 1876 and now complemented by a charming reception room.

Angels of Elmwood Cemetary, Detroit

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Uncover a Darker Elmwood Cemetary
Elmwood Cemetery’s significance extends beyond its tranquil exterior. Uncover the darker tales that lie within its hallowed grounds. Witness the haunting remnants of the Battle of Bloody Run, where the creek ran red with British blood. Ghostly apparitions and sightings of distressed soldiers in red coats lend an eerie atmosphere to the cemetery.

But the most chilling legend resides in the Veiled Lady monument, the resting place of Eliza Waterman. Betrayed by her unfaithful husband, her vengeful spirit is said to roam the cemetery, often appearing in a tattered white dress with a veil obscuring her decomposing face.

Experience the rich history and spine-tingling tales that await you at Elmwood Cemetery.  Visiting this captivating burial ground will fill you with a sense of awe and leave an indelible mark on your memory.

Elmwood Cemetery
Discover the chilling allure of Elmwood Cemetery, the oldest and most iconic burial ground in Detroit. Explore its meticulously designed landscapes, encounter the spirits of Civil War veterans, and brace yourself for ghostly encounters that will send shivers down your spine. In October, experience the eerie ambiance of howling winds, statues with stories from the Battle of Bloody Run, and an ethereal presence that lingers. Find Elmwood Cemetery at 1200 Elmwood St.

Other cemeteries in and around Detroit

Gethsemane Cemetery
Unleash your curiosity at Gethsemane Cemetery, a mysterious hidden gem near Detroit City Airport. Step into a realm of enigma and intrigue, where every corner holds secrets waiting to be discovered. Flooded in 2016, the cemetery has only grown more enigmatic over time. Find Gethsemane Cemetery on Gratiot Avenue, just west of Conner, at 10755 Gratiot Ave.

Grand Lawn Cemetery, 23501 Grand River Avenue
Experience the unexpected at Grand Lawn Cemetery, a breathtaking and unconventional final resting place. Nestled at 23501 Grand River Avenue, this cemetery has been hailed by Life magazine as one of the most beautiful and unique in the country. The serene River Rouge meandering through the property creates an inviting atmosphere that challenges the conventional notions of cemeteries. But beware, when night falls, a different story unfolds.

Machpelah Cemetery in Ferndale
Brace yourself for the paranormal at Machpelah Cemetery in Ferndale. Established in 1912, this haunting cemetery has a reputation for eerie occurrences. Whispering rumors warn against entering between the witching hours of midnight and 3 a.m. when bells ring and screams fill the air. Prepare to question the existence of ghosts and phantoms. Dare you enter Machpelah Cemetery?

Mt. Olivet Cemetery on Detroit’s East Side
Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Mt. Olivet Cemetery on Detroit’s East Side. Home to majestic trees and scattered tombs, this expansive burial ground encompasses over 300 stunning acres. Despite its size, Mt. Olivet Cemetery is a sanctuary of comfort and stability to the departed souls of Detroit. Discover its tranquil beauty at 17100 Van Dyke.

Redford Cemetery
Enter the realm of the supernatural at Redford Cemetery, infamous for its haunted reputation. Experience paranormal phenomena such as the haunting sound of a sobbing woman, encounters with a mysterious dark figure, and unsettling vibrations beneath your feet. Explore the forested area at your own risk, for it holds untold secrets. Find Redford Cemetery and its chilling mysteries waiting to be unraveled.

Redford Cemetery, 19975 Woodward Ave,
Pay your respects to the legends of Detroit at Woodlawn Cemetery, a hallowed ground that houses the city’s most renowned figures. Established in 1895, this burial site is the final resting place for beloved mayors, Ford family members, and the iconic Aretha Franklin. Located at 19975 Woodward Ave, between 7 Mile and 8 Mile, Woodlawn Cemetery is a testament to Detroit’s rich history.

Have you ever had a paranormal experience in visiting a cemetery?   Would you visit these or other cemeteries in the dark of night?  Drop us a note and let use know what you experienced.

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