Get ready for the most disgusting, crazy, and hilarious horror comedy of the year – CRUST!

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Get ready for the most disgusting, crazy, and hilarious horror comedy of the year – CRUST!

Written and starring horror star Sean Whalen, this throwback creature feature will have you on the edge of your seat.

• Sean Whalen’s horror comedy CRUST follows former child star Vegas Winters, who works in a laundromat and collects forgotten socks.
• When he cries into the pile of socks, an unlikely protector is created: a bloodthirsty sock monster.
• Supporting cast includes Felissa Rose and Scout Taylor-Compton, with practical effects guaranteed to delight audiences.
• Director Whalen believes movies can give us solace during struggles, and CRUST is an inspiring testament to that belief.
• The filmmakers are seeking support for their extraordinary project – join their Indiegogo campaign and help bring CRUST to life!

Follow Vegas Winters, a washed-up former child star who works in a laundromat. He collects all the forgotten and lost socks left behind in the dryers, and one day, at the peak of his depression, he cries into the pile of socks. Little does he know, this act brings CRUST – a bloodthirsty sock monster – to life, ready to defend and protect Vegas at all costs.

With a cast including Felissa Rose and Scout Taylor-Compton, CRUST promises practical effects and a story that is equally scary, disgusting, heartfelt, and hilarious. The filmmakers ask for your help bringing this unique and captivating film to life.

Sean Whalen, who has experienced his fair share of personal struggles, believes in the power of movies to help us escape our pain and feel less alone. CRUST is a testament to that belief. Join the Indiegogo campaign and be a part of this extraordinary project.

Take advantage of the opportunity to support a film that disgusts and entertains you. Help bring CRUST to the big screen and experience the magic of a little monster’s love and protection in your darkest times.

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