Premature Announcements Plague Star Wars and MCU Projects at Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios

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Premature Announcements Plague Star Wars and MCU Projects at Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios

• Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios has increased pressure to announce projects prematurely.
• Several announced Star Wars projects were canceled or experienced delays, while most of the Marvel Studios’ announcements have been released.
• Investor Day 2020 saw Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige reveal various projects showcasing Disney’s investment in both franchises.
• While some projects have been scrapped or postponed, many successful films and television shows have emerged from the Star Wars and MCU universes.
• It is unclear how these studios will ensure future projects are ready before announcing them to avoid similar issues.

Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios, under pressure from Disney, have been forced to unveil upcoming projects before they were ready, resulting in numerous cancellations and delays.

Both the Star Wars and MCU franchises have suffered the consequences of premature announcements. While most announced Star Wars projects have seen the light of day, some have fallen by the wayside, such as Rangers of the New Republic and the Rogue Squadron movie.

On the other hand, Marvel Studios’ announcements have largely materialized, thanks to the interconnected nature of the MCU storyline, which offers less chance for projects to be scrapped.

Disney’s investment in these two iconic franchises is undeniable, making it no surprise that most of their studio announcements revolve around Star Wars and the MCU.

However, a recent report reveals that the desire to unveil new stories sometimes leads to premature project announcements.

Since acquiring Lucasfilm from George Lucas over a decade ago, Disney has expanded the Star Wars universe with new films, spinoffs, and even the Mandoverse.

Similarly, Marvel Studios has flourished under Disney ownership, with the MCU becoming the biggest franchise in the world, spawning multiple movies and TV shows.

Being part of the entertainment giant Disney comes with immense pressure, even for Lucasfilm and Marvel Studios.

A new book reveals that Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige were compelled to announce projects far from ready to meet Disney’s demands during Investor Day in 2020. Some projects were ultimately canceled, while others experienced significant overhauls and delays.

During the Investor Day event, Kennedy announced a slew of Star Wars projects, many of which have been released. However, a few have been left hanging.

On the other hand, Marvel Studios’ announcements during the same event have mostly come to fruition, thanks to the tightly interconnected narrative of the MCU.

Though there have been bumps, the Marvel projects have fared better overall.

Despite the setbacks, Star Wars and the MCU continue to develop exciting content for fans. Some projects are still in development, while others have been brought to life and received critical acclaim. It remains to be seen how these franchises will navigate future announcements and ensure projects are fully ready before unveiling them to the eager audience.

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