Heather Graham Takes on a Thrilling Male Role in “Suitable Flesh”: A Must-Watch Horror Film

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Heather Graham Takes on a Thrilling Male Role in “Suitable Flesh”: A Must-Watch Horror Film

• Heather Graham takes on the thrilling male role of Elizabeth Derby in the horror movie, “Suitable Flesh.”
• Director Joe Lynch flipped the gender of the lead star, adding an extra layer of complexity to the story.
• Graham is fascinated by psychology and was excited to body swap with a demon.
• The film combines horror and humor for a unique viewing experience.
• Graham has her sophomore directorial venture in the works set for 2024, emphasizing the importance of female-led films breaking down barriers in Hollywood.

Heather Graham, known for her impressive Hollywood career, ventures into the horror genre like never before in the spine-chilling film “Suitable Flesh.”

Playing the role of psychiatrist Elizabeth Derby, Graham becomes enthralled with a young patient suffering from a severe personality disorder. However, she soon discovers a dark, occult presence surrounding him. After their intimate encounter, Graham’s character becomes possessed by a mysterious spirit.

This role is even more intriguing because Elizabeth Derby was originally written as a man. Director Joe Lynch’s decision to flip the gender of the lead star adds an extra layer of complexity to the story.

“I never thought I’d have the opportunity to play such a powerful male role as a woman. This character is the ultimate villain who cannot die,” Graham revealed in an interview with IndieWire.

The original story was about an older man falling for a younger woman, a narrative heard countless times before. However, the decision to focus on the woman’s sexuality and her journey through thriller, horror, and erotic aspects added a fresh twist. Graham mentioned movies like “Basic Instinct” and “Body Heat” as references that inspired the project.

Playing the role of a therapist fascinated Graham, who has always been intrigued by psychology. The character of Elizabeth Derby offered complexity, intelligence, flaws, and likability, making it a compelling role to portray. Adding to the excitement, Graham’s character gets to body swap with a demon, a rare opportunity for an actor.

“Suitable Flesh” pushed Graham’s acting abilities, leading her to collaborate with an interim coach to develop detailed backstories for the various characters. The film combines horror and humor, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the audience.

Although the horror genre isn’t Graham’s go-to choice for leisurely viewing, she recognizes its appeal and the thrill it brings. “It scares the shit out of you!” Graham confessed, admitting her occasional fear of watching horror films when home alone.

As a multi-talented artist, Graham also has her sophomore directorial venture, “Chosen Family,” in the works, set for release in 2024. She credits filmmaker Joe Lynch and co-star Barbara Crampton for championing female-led films and breaking down barriers in a predominantly male-driven industry.

“For me, it’s been very hard [to get a movie made]. The industry is more sexist and often blocks these stories from being told,” Graham revealed, emphasizing the importance of films like “Suitable Flesh” that challenge conventions and provide a platform for diverse narratives.

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