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The Boogeyman”: A Terrifying Disappointment That Fails to Deliver

• “The Boogeyman” is an unsatisfying adaptation of a Stephen King short story, filled with cliches and lacking in plot or resolution.
• Director Rob Savage opts for cheap jump scares instead of meaningful narrative development.
• The movie’s momentous questions remain unanswered, leaving the audience bewildered and disappointed.
• Even attempts to address the children’s fears are met with laughter from an oblivious dad.
• Special effects and acting are subpar, and the creature that appears at the end is uninspiring.
• Turning this Stephen King discard into a film is a misguided attempt.

Prepare to be let down by this incomprehensible and pointless horror film adapted from a Stephen King short story. “The Boogeyman” relies on tired cliches and lacks any coherent plot or satisfying ending.

Based on a minor short story from the 1970s, the film follows a therapist and his two traumatized daughters. When a new patient suspected of murdering his children arrives, the girls become convinced that there’s a monster hiding in their closet. From there, the movie is filled with spooky sounds, creaking floors, and other tired horror tropes without offering any explanations or logical development.

Director Rob Savage seems more interested in cheap jump scares than in creating a believable and compelling narrative. The result is a film that leaves you bewildered and unsatisfied, lacking the two most important elements of a successful horror movie: an engaging plot and a satisfying ending.

Even attempts to address the children’s fears are met with laughter as the clueless dad dismisses their concerns due to drug use. The film fails to validate or explore the horrors, leaving the audience unanswered questions. Who or what is the monster? Why is it haunting them? These vital details are left unexplained, contributing to the overall disappointment.

With lackluster special effects and uniformly dreadful acting, “The Boogeyman” fails to deliver any scares or thrills. Even when the real monster finally appears, it’s a bizarre and uninteresting creature that only the most dedicated horror fan could appreciate.

Ultimately, attempting to turn a Stephen King discard into a substantial film proves to be a mistake.

“The Boogeyman” would have fared better as a comic book or, better yet, left untouched entirely.

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