A-list celebrities, including George Clooney, unite to break the stalemate and end the strike.

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Listen: A-Listers offer a solution.

A-list celebrities, including George Clooney, unite to break the stalemate and end the strike.
$50 Million in annual dues offered to bring negotiations to a resolution. Emma Stone, Ben Affleck, Tyler Perry, and Scarlett Johansson meet with SAG leaders to find a solution.

• • George Clooney and top actors proposed increased union dues to fund contract negotiations.
• The actors offered millions in increased dues to support lower-paid actors.
• The proposal aims to bridge the negotiation gap yet faces resistance.
• The actors seek mediation to restart stalled negotiations with studios.
• The union’s chief negotiator clarified the union is open to members’ ideas.
• The proposal could lessen the pay gap and support struggling actors.
• Negotiations stalled over revenue sharing for streaming services.
• The proposal offers a step toward a resolution as the industry faces challenges.

In a Zoom meeting with SAG-AFTRA union leaders, they suggested removing the $1 million cap on membership dues, resulting in top earners contributing more to bridge the gap in contract negotiations.

This would provide additional funding for the union’s health benefits. The actors are committed to closing the pay gap and have offered millions of dollars to support this cause.

Although the studios have walked away from negotiations with the union, the proposal from the A-list actors is facing resistance from the union’s negotiating committee.

Feeling discouraged, the actors are seeking mediation to restart negotiations.

SAG-AFTRA is expected to address the stalemate with the A-list actors. Still, their chief negotiator has clarified that internal discussions within the union do not indicate a lack of support.

The union is open to considering ideas from its members.

George Clooney and other top Hollywood actors propose a potential solution to the ongoing strike by paying millions of dollars in increased union dues.

Additionally, the proposal suggests changing how residuals are produced, prioritizing lower-billed actors.

This significant proposal was presented during a Zoom meeting with SAG-AFTRA union leaders but has been met with resistance from the negotiating committee. The union has yet to approve or reject the offer.

The proposal aims to bridge the negotiation gap and support the working-class actors struggling with economic difficulties.

Despite potential challenges in implementing the proposal, the A-list actors are determined to contribute to the solution and lessen the pay gap in the industry.

The ongoing negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the studios have faced obstacles, particularly revenue-sharing schemes for streaming services.

The studios claimed the guild demanded an unreasonable flat fee per subscriber, while the union asserted a lower proposed levy. These differences have led to a breakdown in negotiations.

As the industry faces economic challenges, with many members unable to work for months, the proposal from the A-list actors represents a step towards finding a resolution.

Stay updated on the progress of the actors’ strike and efforts to find a resolution.

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