Beloved ‘Rocky’ Actor Burt Young Passes Away at 83

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Beloved ‘Rocky’ Actor Burt Young Passes Away at 83

• Actor Burt Young sadly passed away at 83.
• He was renowned for portraying Paulie in the ‘Rocky’ films.
• Young had an extensive career, including roles in “Chinatown,” “The Sopranos,” and more.
• His character, Paulie Pennino, became a beloved fan-favorite amongst viewers.
• In addition to acting, he served in the Marine Corps and competed as a professional boxer.
• His dedication to his craft and impact on cinema will never be forgotten.

Burt Young, the talented actor known for his role as Paulie in the iconic ‘Rocky’ films, sadly died at 83. His daughter confirmed the news to the New York Times, but no specific cause of death was disclosed.

While Young had an impressive career that included roles in acclaimed movies and TV shows like “Chinatown” and “The Sopranos,” he will forever be remembered as the lovable but gruff Paulie Pennino. His portrayal of the rough-around-the-edges best friend and brother-in-law to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa won him critical acclaim and an Oscar nomination.

When ‘Rocky’ first hit the big screen in 1976, audiences were captivated by the angry, foul-mouthed Paulie, a character Young brought to life with his undeniable talent. As the franchise continued, Paulie evolved, becoming the comic relief and winning the hearts of fans everywhere.

In addition to his acting career, Young had a fascinating life outside of Hollywood. He served in the Marine Corps and even competed as a professional boxer before succeeding in the entertainment industry. His dedication and passion for his craft were evident in every performance.

We bid farewell to a true legend of the screen. Burt Young’s contribution to cinema will never be forgotten, and fans worldwide will profoundly miss him. Rest in peace, Burt Young.

Burt Young: From Marine to Boxing Legend to Hollywood Star

Burt Young, best known for his iconic role as Paulie in the Rocky films, has had a fascinating life and career. Born on April 30, 1940, in Queens, New York, Young dropped out of school at the age of 15 to join the Marines. But that was just the beginning of his adventures.

Not only did Young serve his country, but he also pursued his passion for boxing. With 14 professional wins under his belt, Young even had the opportunity to step into the ring with the legendary Muhammad Ali to raise money for charity. Little did he know that his love for boxing would eventually open the door to success in Hollywood.

After taking dramatic arts training under the renowned Lee Strasberg, Young caught the eye of Sylvester Stallone, who cast him as Mac in the hit film The Killer Elite. But Young’s role as Rocky’s brother-in-law, Paulie, truly skyrocketed his career. Nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the original Rocky film, Young continued to portray Paulie throughout the entire Rocky series, creating the beloved character we all know as “Uncle Paulie.”

But Young’s talents don’t stop at acting. He’s also a passionate painter, completing over 800 paintings showcased in galleries worldwide. In addition, Young has dabbled in various other endeavors, including owning a restaurant and making his Broadway debut alongside legendary actors Robert De Niro and Ralph Macchio.

Today, Young continues to pursue his many talents and resides in Port Washington, surrounded by his own artwork that depicts meaningful moments from his remarkable life. Burt Young is a true multi-faceted artist and a living legend in the entertainment world.


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