“Sick” Review: Pandemic-Set Horror Film Fails to Live up to its Chilling Potential

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“Sick” Review: Pandemic-Set Horror Film Fails to Live up to its Chilling Potential

• “Sick,” a horror film co-penned by Kevin Williamson and directed by John Hyams, fails to meet its chilling potential.
• Its unique pandemic setting lends an eerie backdrop, but the chase thriller quickly devolves into conventional tropes without much excitement or originality.
• An uninspired script results in a predictable film missing cleverness and memorable set pieces.
• With little beyond its pandemic setting to differentiate it from other slashers, “Sick” fails to revolutionize the genre or leave viewers on the edge.

Get ready for a pandemic-themed horror movie that misses the mark. “Sick,” co-written by Kevin Williamson and directed by John Hyams, attempts to blend the terrifying reality of a deadly virus with classic slasher thrills. Unfortunately, it falls short of delivering the anticipated scares.

While other genres conveniently ignore the impact of the recent pandemic, horror filmmakers have the unique opportunity to confront our deepest fears head-on. The “Lockdown Wave” of filmmaking, spurred by the pandemic, has already produced intriguing results. However, “Sick” fails to fully capitalize on this combination of pandemic panic and knife-wielding terror.

The film is set during the early days of lockdown, providing a chilling backdrop of masked faces and tense surroundings. However, it quickly loses steam as it veers into a conventional chase thriller with little excitement or originality. With a small cast and missed opportunities to subvert the masked killer trope, “Sick” becomes a predictable cat-and-mouse game.

Director John Hyams’ film lacks cleverness and memorable set pieces despite a few scattered creepy moments. While the cinematography by Yaron Levy adds an eerie atmosphere, the events unfolding on screen are relatively uninspired. The beauty of the slasher genre lies in its ability to dress up a sturdy framework with unique masks, settings, and motives. Unfortunately, “Sick” settles for just one major cosmetic alteration, leaving it feeling lackluster and unremarkable.

Don’t expect “Sick” to revolutionize the horror genre or leave you on the edge. While it attempts to explore the intersection of a deadly pandemic and traditional horror tropes, it ultimately falls flat. Fans of slasher films may find some enjoyment, but overall, “Sick” fails to deliver the chills it promises.

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