(Review) “Infinity Pool” is a disturbing and grotesque film that lingers in your mind long after viewing

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Prepare to be shocked and captivated by “Infinity Pool.”
This gripping body horror film stars Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård and is written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg.

• Written and Directed by Brandon Cronenberg, “Infinity Pool” is a gripping body horror film starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård.
• When wealthy James (Alexander Skarsgård) and his wife Em (Cleopatra Coleman) face death in the Third World country of Li Tolqa, they are offered an immoral option—an escape from punishment through payments and tasks.
• Lead by femme fatale Gabi (Mia Goth), played with captivating power by Mia Goth, the couple get drawn into a dark underworld of debauchery and violence.
• The film takes an innovative approach to themes like originality and privilege with drug-induced hallucinations, explicit scenes, and a fear of scathing reviews included in its two-hour runtime.
• Brandon Cronenberg’s crafty direction and the versatility of Mia Goth as an actress make “Infinity Pool” a unique experience that pushes boundaries long after viewing.

What if you had the opportunity to commit any crime without consequence? That is the premise behind “Infinity Pool.” James (played by Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (played by Cleopatra Coleman) find themselves in trouble with the law while on vacation, leading to James being sentenced to death.

However, a unique offer from the local government allows wealthy tourists to escape punishment through payments and tasks. James becomes entangled with a group of privileged tourists led by Gabi (played by Mia Goth), indulging in a world of debauchery and violence.

“Infinity Pool” is a disturbing and grotesque film that lingers in your mind long after viewing.

In this thought-provoking movie, writer-director Brandon Cronenberg tackles themes of originality and privilege.

James, a pampered writer, has not produced any work since his first book, instead relying on his wealthy wife, Em, for support. Their stay at a luxurious resort in Li Tolqa, a fictional Third World country, proves unproductive until they get involved in a hit-and-run accident and are caught by the police.

James is sentenced to death, but in this magic-realist region, there is an option to create a double who will be executed in his place, but with shared memories—the perpetual uncertainty of whether James died or his double adds a kinky thrill for some elite members.

Mia Goth delivers a captivating performance as Gabi, the seductive femme fatale, leads James deeper into temptation.

Cronenberg weaves shocking visuals and unconventional elements throughout the film, including drug-induced hallucinations, explicit sexual encounters, and the fear of a scathing review.

With its runtime of nearly two hours, “Infinity Pool” could benefit from a tighter, more focused approach reminiscent of Cronenberg’s renowned body horror style.

Despite this, the film showcases Cronenberg’s talent and the versatility of Mia Goth as an actress, proving her range beyond her previous roles.

Prepare yourself for a twisted and mind-bending experience with “Infinity Pool,” a film that pushes boundaries and leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

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