New Release Review: V/H/S/85 – The Ultimate Found Footage Anthology

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New Release Review: V/H/S/85 – The Ultimate Found Footage Anthology

Experience the sixth installment of the popular V/H/S series, featuring a talented lineup of directors, including David Bruckner, Scott Derrickson, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Natasha Kermani, and Mike Nelson. Starring an impressive cast including Jordan Belfi, Freddy Rodriguez, and James Ransone.

Found footage horror may have faded from the mainstream, but the V/H/S series continues to reignite the genre on Shudder. With six installments and two spinoffs, V/H/S/85 proves that there is still plenty of fun with found footage.

Transport yourself back to 1985, where the first VHS camcorders hit the market. This nostalgic trip showcases characters’ fascination with the devices and even explores the battle between VHS and Beta. Get ready for a blast from the past!

Each short film is presented as if it were discovered on a VHS tape, complete with authentic TV commercials and clips of monster truck rallies. The overall effect immerses you in the weird and wonderful world of ’80s public access TV.

Director David Bruckner kickstarts the anthology with the wraparound segment, ‘Total Copy.’ Join a current affairs show as they investigate a team of scientists studying an alien creature with an uncanny ability to mimic. But beware, the segment feels stretched and ends on a disappointing note.

The standout short of V/H/S/85 is Mike Nelson’s ‘No Wake.’ Immerse yourself in a classic ’80s slasher as a group of friends become targets of an unseen sniper while enjoying a day at the lake. The scuzzy VHS format adds to the tension, and you’ll be left wanting more from this gripping tale.

Gigi Saul Guerrero takes us on a thrilling journey through the Mexican earthquake of 1985 with ‘God of Death.’ This short captures the chaos of the disaster while uncovering something sinister beneath the earth. Guerrero’s homage to ’80s-era news crews and their questionable behavior adds an extra layer of authenticity.

Prepare for a gruesome performance art experience with Natasha Kermani’s ‘TKNOGD.’ Witness the horrifying consequences of mocking “the God of technology” using Virtual Reality. Although short and sweet, this segment delivers a powerful punch.

Scott Derrickson, known for his work on Sinister, presents ‘Dreamkill’ – an atmospheric and unsettling short filled with vintage media. Follow chilling Super eight recordings depicting home invasions before they happen. While Derrickson takes some liberties with the found footage concept, the intriguing premise pulls you in.

With two standout segments and none disappointing, V/H/S/85 proves that the series still has plenty of tapes to keep rolling. Even directors like Derrickson and Bruckner, who have made it big in Hollywood, continue contributing to the franchise’s success. Take advantage of this ultimate found footage anthology that will leave you wanting more.


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