‘Deadpool’ Creator, Rob Liefeld Unveils Exciting ‘Bloodstrike’ Concept Trailer–footage by Phillip J. Silvera

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‘Deadpool’ Creator, Rob Liefeld Unveils Exciting ‘Bloodstrike’ Concept Trailer–footage by Phillip J. Silvera

Rob Liefeld, the genius behind ‘Deadpool’, is back with an incredible proof-of-concept trailer for his latest film, ‘Bloodstrike.’ Directed by Philip J. Silvera, renowned stunt coordinator, this project promises to be an epic cinematic experience.

In an Instagram caption, Liefeld expressed his challenges and frustrations in bringing a comic book to life on the big screen. However, he found his perfect creative partner in Silvera, who showcased his immense knowledge and passion for comic books while working on ‘Deadpool’ and other Marvel films.

Liefeld co-created ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Cable,’ among other beloved characters, and has a wealth of experience in the industry. After leaving Marvel, he started his venture with Image Comics.

As Liefeld and Silvera collaborated, Silvera was impressed with his promise to create and direct a proof of concept for ‘Bloodstrike.’ This trailer gives a thrilling preview of the project’s action-packed sequences and intense visuals.

Liefeld is committed to sharing every step of the journey with fans, from casting to studio updates. He’s tired of waiting for deals and is eager to show the world what this film has in store. This teaser is just beginning of an exciting new chapter in Liefeld’s career.

Be prepared to be blown away as ‘Bloodstrike’ comes to life with Liefeld and Silvera at the helm.



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