Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ Sells Worldwide Ahead of North American Premiere at NYFF

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Sofia Coppola’s ‘Priscilla’ Sells Worldwide Ahead of North American Premiere at NYFF

Exciting news for film enthusiasts! Sofia Coppola’s latest masterpiece, “Priscilla,” has been sold to distributors worldwide, just in time for its highly anticipated North American premiere at the esteemed New York Film Festival. This captivating film garnered attention at the Venice Film Festival, where it impressed audiences and earned Cailee Spaeny the prestigious Coppa Volpi award for her outstanding performance.

“The Match Factory,” the renowned sales agency, has successfully secured distribution deals for “Priscilla” in various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, CIS, Scandinavia, and many more. The highly sought-after movie will also be available for worldwide airline distribution – an exciting opportunity for travelers to enjoy this cinematic marvel.

While negotiations are ongoing in several countries, A24 has acquired the rights to distribute “Priscilla” in the U.S., ensuring that American audiences can immerse themselves in this extraordinary film. Additionally, Vision Distribution will handle distribution in Italy, while Mubi will retain all rights in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Austria, Latin America, Benelux, and Turkey.

Based on the captivating memoir “Elvis and Me” by Priscilla Presley and Sandra Harmon, “Priscilla” showcases the talents of rising star Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla, alongside Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley and Dagmara Dominczyk in a supporting role. The film is a testament to Coppola’s genius as a writer and director.

Behind the scenes, Lorenzo Mieli produced the film for Fremantle’s The Apartment Pictures, while Coppola contributed her expertise through American Zoetrope. Fremantle Group financed this cinematic gem, making it all possible.

Excitement is brewing around “Priscilla” and its inclusion in The Match Factory’s New York Film Festival lineup. The festival will also feature esteemed films like Wim Wenders’ “Perfect Days” and Aki Kaurismäki’s “Fallen Leaves,” both of which have garnered attention as potential Academy Awards entries. Additionally, audiences can look forward to Alice Rohrwacher’s “La Chimera,” Marco Bellocchio’s “Kidnapped,” and Sean Price Williams’ “The Sweet East.”

Mark your calendars for the upcoming release of “Priscilla” in cinemas starting December 26 in select countries. Don’t miss your chance to experience this cinematic wonder that promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

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