“The Exorcist: Believer” Raises Concerns for the Future of the Franchise

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“The Exorcist: Believer” Raises Concerns for the Future of the Franchise

Get ready for a chilling ride with “The Exorcist: Believer,” the highly anticipated horror movie of the year. Director David Gordon Green revitalizes the iconic series with plans for a thrilling trilogy. However, Universal Pictures may have some worries.

Despite its strong debut and box office potential, “Believer” has received mixed reviews. Critics have been brutal, giving it a disappointing 22% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the audience score is not much better at 59%. With a mediocre CinemaScore of C, positive buzz might be hard to come by. This raises doubts about the future of “The Exorcist” franchise.

To complicate things, Universal has committed to a hefty $400 million deal for the trilogy. Hoping to replicate the success of the “Halloween” trilogy, they agreed with Morgan Creek Entertainment, the rights holders of the franchise. However, it seems like “Believer” has fallen short of expectations.

Now, Universal finds themselves obligated to produce two more films. Although the $400 million budget covers production costs, there is immense pressure to deliver with the next installment, “The Exorcist: Deceiver,” set to release in 2025. The big question is: will David Gordon Green continue to direct, or will Universal consider bringing in a fresh filmmaker?

It is important to note that Universal had bigger plans beyond just a box office hit. They were counting on the franchise to attract subscribers to their struggling streaming service, Peacock. With huge losses, they desperately need a win. However, with “Believer” receiving a lukewarm response, it is uncertain if the sequels can deliver.

The challenge is to excite audiences about two more films in a franchise that hasn’t been well-received. Universal and Blumhouse must find a way to captivate viewers and salvage the franchise’s future. Can they turn things around and give audiences a vastly improved experience? Only time will tell.

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