Breaking News: Writers Overwhelmingly Approve New Three-Year Deal Ending Months-Long Strike

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Listen: Writers Ratify Contract

Breaking News: Writers Overwhelmingly Approve New Three-Year Deal, Ending Months-Long Strike

It’s official: the strike is finally over! After almost five months of negotiations, writers have successfully ratified their contract with studios, ending the strike gripping the industry.

In a monumental show of unity, most Writers Guild of America (WGA) members voted in favor of the three-year Minimum Basic Agreement. Out of 11,000 members, 8,525 valid votes were cast, with an impressive 99% supporting the deal.

With 8,435 votes in favor and only 90 against, this overwhelming majority sends a strong message of solidarity among the WGA members.

The approved deal includes significant advancements for writers, such as artificial intelligence guardrails, residuals, writers’ room staffing, data transparency, and increased pay. It’s a huge win for writers’ rights and protections.

Effective from September 25, 2023, to May 31, 2026, this contract brings much-needed stability and security to the industry.

This historic ratification comes after a tentative agreement was reached on September 24. The strike lasted an exhausting 148 days and now stands as one of the longest in history, second only to the strike in 1988.

The successful resolution of the WGA strike sets a positive tone for ongoing negotiations with other industry unions, like SAG-AFTRA. It paves the way for a brighter future for all workers in the industry.

We owe this transformative deal to the dedication and collective efforts of the WGA members, along with the exceptional leadership of negotiators like Ellen Stutzman. It is a testament to what can be achieved when united and determined.

With the strike behind them, writers can finally return to doing their best: creating amazing content that will captivate audiences worldwide.

Thanks to this historic agreement, the future looks brighter for writers and the industry.

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