Prepare for a killer movie experience combining classic slasher thrills with time-travel excitement.

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Prepare for a killer movie experience combining classic slasher thrills with time-travel excitement.

“Totally Killer” brings new life to the horror genre by intertwining it with Back to the Future nostalgia. If you’re in the mood for a slasher flick to get you in the Halloween spirit, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.

The story begins in a small town haunted by gruesome murders 35 years ago. Jamie’s mother, a survivor of the original killings, fiercely protects her daughter.

With the “Sweet Sixteen Killer” still at large, she constantly fears history repeating itself. And her fears come true when a fourth victim emerges in 2023, seemingly at the hands of the same masked murderer.

Through a series of mishaps and a devastating murder, Jamie is transported back to 1987, just before the killings occur.

Armed with knowledge from the future, she struggles to prevent the murders. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. She can’t turn to the police for help because they don’t believe in time travel logic. She faces challenges fitting in with the ’80s teens, including her mother and her best friend’s mother, who were bullies in high school.

As the slasher murders unfold, Jamie realizes that changing the past has consequences for the future. Like in Back to the Future, the shifting timeline becomes Jamie’s battleground as she fights to stop the killings and find a way home.

But don’t let the serial killer theme fool you – Totally Killer is an absolute blast.

The talented cast delivers a fun-filled performance, and the movie cleverly references its inspirations like Back to the Future and Scream; on top of all that, it serves up a thrilling slasher story with inventive deaths, including a heart-pounding climax on a spinning fairground ride.

“Totally Killer” is a must-watch for fans of the genre who are ready to have a good time. It knows exactly what it is and embraces it, creating a twisted and thrilling experience that pays homage to the classics while putting its own devious spin on things.

Get ready to stream “Totally Killer” on Amazon Prime Video starting October 6th. Don’t miss out on this killer ride!

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