Get a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated zombie movie ‘Herd!’ Watch the terrifying trailer!

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Listen: Herd

Get a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated zombie movie Herd!

Selected for this year’s FrightFest, “Herd” will have its World Premiere on August 26th.

Take the chance to watch this thrilling film from director Steven Pierce, starring Corbin Bernsen, Timothy V. Murphy, Ellen Adair, Mitzi Akaha, and Jeremy Holm.

Follow Jamie Miller and her wife, Alex, as they embark on a trip to save their failing marriage in rural Missouri.

When they find themselves trapped in Jamie’s hometown, overrun by virus-infected ‘Heps,’ they must fight to survive with the help of Big John Gruber and his clan.

But the situation gets even more dire when a rival militia led by Sterling arrives, causing a battle to break out.

Now, Jamie must find a way to escape and return home. Take advantage of this intense and action-packed film at FrightFest!

“I am thrilled that Herd is making its World Premiere at Frightfest in London. The opportunity to showcase the film on such a grand scale is a dream come true for me as a filmmaker,” said Steven Pierce, Director and co-writer.

Experience the magic of menace, mayhem, and mischief at FrightFest, the UK’s biggest horror and fantasy film festival.

With seventy films across four screens, including twenty-five world premieres, this event promises to be a thrilling celebration of genre cinema.


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