Watch A Killer Scarecrow Unleashes Chaos This Halloween in the Terrifying Trailer for “Die’ced”

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Terrifying Trailer for “Die’ced”: A Killer Scarecrow Unleashes Chaos This Halloween

Prepare for a bone-chilling experience with the upcoming slasher movie “Die’ced.” This terrifying trailer introduces a deranged killer with a sinister obsession with scarecrows.

In “Die’ced,” a teenage girl embarks on a quest to find her missing mother, only to find herself face-to-face with a demented serial killer on Halloween night. Brace yourself for a nightmarish journey that will haunt your dreams.

The cast of “Die’ced” includes talented actors such as Eden Campbell, Nigel Vonas, and Jason Brooks, who have made a mark in the horror genre with their previous roles.

This Halloween, forget about friendly scarecrows. “Die’ced” presents a horrifying twist, as a vengeful scarecrow takes center stage. Witness the terror unfold in the newly released trailer below.

In addition to the spine-chilling trailer, we invite you to delve into the official synopsis of this horror outing, where a determined teenage girl must confront a deranged killer who was set free from an insane asylum on the night before Halloween.

Written and directed by Jeremy Rudd, “Die’ced” stars Eden Campbell as Cassandra Blain, known for her captivating performance in Netflix’s movie trilogy “Fear Street 2.” Nigel Vonas, acclaimed for his roles in TV series like “Arrow,” portrays Cassandra’s father, Jon Blain. Jason Brooks, recognized for his appearances in “Friday the 13th” films, takes on the role of Benjamin.

Joining the cast are an ensemble of talented actors who bring this chilling tale to life. Get ready for a heart-stopping journey with Jon Meggiso, Shayna Jensen, Raymond Power, Ryan Chen, and many more.

Mark your calendars for October 19, when “Die’ced” will be unleashed, promising a Halloween experience.

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