Robin Williams’ Daughter Slams Artificial Intelligence Recreations of Him: ‘Disturbing’ and ‘Horrendous’

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Robin Williams’ Daughter Slams Artificial Intelligence Recreations of Him: ‘Disturbing’ and ‘Horrendous’

Zelda, the daughter of the late comedian Robin Williams, has expressed her strong opposition to the use of AI recreations of her father. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she describes these recreations as “personally disturbing” and highlights their ethical concerns.

The issue of AI recreation has become a central topic of discussion in the ongoing strike between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP. SAG-AFTRA has made it clear that the use of performers’ voices, likenesses, or performances to train AI systems is a matter that must be addressed.

Zelda’s statement carries significant weight, as she has witnessed firsthand the desire to create and recreate actors without their consent. She raises the crucial point that living actors should be able to bring their own choices, effort, and humanity to their performances.

Describing these AI recreations at their best as mere imitations and at their worst as a horrifying combination of everything wrong in the industry, Zelda emphasizes the need for the entertainment industry to stand for something better.

Zelda is not alone in her concerns. Since the strike began, numerous actors, directors, and writers have spoken out against AI. Tim Burton compares AI recreations to soulless robots, while John Cusack criticizes Hollywood studios for turning AI into a criminal enterprise.

Even Tom Hanks has taken to social media to warn fans about using AI versions of himself for advertising purposes. And Christopher Nolan, on his press tour for “Oppenheimer,” warns that the dangers of AI have been apparent for years.

According to Nolan, the core issue with AI is that it allows companies to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. When we attribute godlike powers to AI, we absolve ourselves of accountability. Recognizing the potential harm and avoiding creating false idols is crucial.

In the face of these concerns, it is clear that the conversation surrounding AI and its impact on the entertainment industry must continue.

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